Illinois High Schools Failing To Meet Federal Standards

CHICAGO (WBBM) — When it comes to meeting federal academic standards in reading and math, most high schools in Illinois fall short, including institutions that are considered to be “elite” schools.

Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the bad news was spelled out to the Illinois State Board of Education on Wednesday.

Of the 665 public high schools in the state, more than 600 of them did not meet the bar set by the federal No Child Left Behind law.

In other words, 91 percent of high schools did not have at least 77.5 percent of its students meeting or beating test scores for their grade levels.

On the elementary school side of the ledger, 44 percent fell short.

New Trier High School missed the mark this year–for the first time ever.

The school’s superintendent, Linda Yonke, told the Chicago Tribune that 98 percent of her students go on to college, so New Trier is hardly failing.

Because learning disabled students at the Winnetka school did not make the grade, the entire school fails under No Child Left Behind rules, she said.

  • Daniele

    “The school’s superintendent, Linda Yonke, told the Chicago Tribune that 98 percent of her students go on to college, so New Trier is hardly failing. ”

    Geez.. don’t think that has anything to do with $$$ do ya??

  • Norm

    Let’s just throw more money at it again!

  • Dave

    The problem is the standards and guidlines with No Child Left Behind. ELL and Gifted students lumped in mainline students and expected to pass the same tests. In a few years all schools are expected to meet 100% compliance with NCLB, districts have been forced to stop educating and teach to the test to continue getting aid. Hardly fair but it’s what we have and know one is williing to change it or state the truth!!!!!

  • John S

    Education funding keeps taking hits and a lot of teachers are not held accountable. The two combined really hurts, but parents need to step up and get involved with their children, put the phone away, vides games and internet.

    • Dave

      John S. You hit the nail on the head!! No politician will ever stand up and tell parent to get involved with their kids education, it’s easier to blame the teachers!!!!

  • asdfsd

    Throw all the money you want!!!!
    It’s the result of kids values and the culture that teaches them those values, upon which education comes very far from facebook and other pointless BS

  • workinman2

    Can’t read but I bet they know all the latest songs, raps and video games from top to bottom!!!

  • Karen

    Since it is IMPOSSIBLE for 100 percent of students to score at least 77.5 percent on a standardized test, the whole premise is flawed. This makes the assumption that ALL students learn at the same pace and have the same abilities and opportunities. You don’t have to be an educational expert to know that this is NOT true. What a ridiculous article!



  • Marie
  • john

    The real world is results oriented. How do we measure our education systems value without a defined purpose or result – in defense of teachers the incoming inspection system is horrific!

  • Jeff

    If we focus on the worst performing students, we will never fix our schools. We got to focus on the best and show people what schools have the most best performing students.

  • CitizensArrest

    If a power house school like New Trier misses the mark in a standards evaluation, then the evaluation itself is FLAWED. This is painfully obvious, and yet here we are with our money being spent on evaluations which provide no objectively useful information. For all you “inner city” people like me, start with

    • teganx7

      Amen to that.

  • Hubie in NC

    NCLB forces teachers to be proctors of standardized tests rather than helping potentially gifted students reach their full potential. That’s why our test scores are plummeting. There have always been rocks in the classroom but before NCLB, the gifted kids would bring up the average. Now the potentially gifted kids are merely at the standard because they aren’t challenged.

    NCLB is helping many but at the expense and demise of most.

  • teganx7

    Politicians need to stay out of education … schools are not businesses and are not. If education is all about standardized tests then fire all of the teachers and hire proctors, or better yet just by some test preparation software.

    If education is about building understanding and developing skills, then dump the standardized tests and support the teachers.

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