Updated: 11/01/10 8:01 a.m.

The Bears get back to it this week after a bye week.

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From our earlier reports:

Though the Bears have the weekend off, the offense should take some personal time to evaluate their weaknesses. “Sometimes the team has to step outside the coaches and they got to invest some personal time. They have to go back and look at those interceptions of last week and look how every one of them happened and look at how every one of them won’t happen again” Tom Thayer said during the Mully & Hanley Show Friday morning.

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Every week going into the next game, we know the defense is going to play solid football, special teams will contribute, but the offense is confusing. “A couple years ago the whole question leading the week is ‘who’s going to show up, the good Rex or the bad Rex?’ Then you have ‘is it going to be Mike Martz the passer or Mike Martz the runner?’ Thayer said. He continued to say that if the offense is going to contribute to the Bears’ wins, it has to go beyond the coaches and for the players to put in the extra effort to work on their mistakes.

What the Bears need is continuity. This will help the team perform more intelligently, granted it may not help specifically with any player’s athletic ability – to run faster or throw more accurately. “Continuity is an important part of success out there,” Thayer said “Nowadays, they don’t give you a chance to make any changes, any verbal commands or communications on the line of scrimmage. It has to be knowledge coming out of the huddle.” He continued to say that the players need to know their areas of responsibility and how to recover if the player they are going after changes direction.

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