There are a couple sentiments that have been repeated constantly through out the Bears’ season so far. By the coaching staff, the sentiment has been that the team has a winning record and only needs a few small issues improved. From he fans and critics, the sentiments have been of an ineffective offensive line and poor coaching, among others.

The Score reunited the Bears radio broadcast team from several years ago, when Tom Thayer and Hub Arkush, who were filling in for Mully and Hanley, were joined by Jeff Joniak.

The guys quickly got into the Bears talk, specifically on how little respect the 4-3 Bears were getting. “I think it’s how they lost a couple of those games,” Joniak said. And even won a game or two. It’s extremes, its the nine sack first half [against the Giants]. It’s the six turnovers in seven possessions in the second half against Washington. It’s Todd Collins’ four interceptions and finding a way to win in Carolina…It’s the extremes that have made the 4-3 less desirable.”

LISTEN: Jeff Joniak Joins Tom Thayer And Hub Arkush

Coming off their bye week, the Bears hopefully have improved in some of the areas that have plagued the offense so far this season.

“Third down offense, red zone offense [and] goal line offense; all that has to drastically improve for them to score points,” Joniak said. “Defense and special teams, as everyone knows, can only keep you in [games] so long.”

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