2 Election Judges Arrested, 2 Others Tossed From Polling Places

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two election judges in Chicago have been arrested for battery and two other election judges were tossed out of their polling places on Tuesday for misbehavior.

CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports that a female election judge was arrested for battery when she tried to stop a voter from inserting a provisional ballot into the electronic ballot counting machine at a polling place.

Chicago Board of Elections Chairman Langdon Neal said that provisional ballots are not supposed to be inserted in ballot counting machines because election officials must first determine if the voter was qualified to cast a ballot.

“The judge rushed the voter in an attempt to prevent her from putting the ballot in the ballot counter, tore the ballot and there was contact between them,” Neal said.

The voter filed battery claim against the judge and Chicago police arrested her.

At another polling place, an election judge was arrested for battery following a dispute with a voter, Neal said.

“There was just a dispute between a voter and a judge and actually there was improper touching and … that judge was arrested also,” Neal said.
Neal noted that there are approximately 15,000 election judges working at Chicago polling places on Tuesday and another 1,000 standby judges.

“So, all in all, while these are serious in totality, these are minor,” Neal said.

Separately, an election judge was tossed out of a polling place in Chicago on Tuesday for showing up drunk. Another election judge was tossed out for threatening other judges at his polling place.

Meantime, a 53-year-old man was arrested for misdemeanor battery on the South Side when he snatched a ballot away from a voter.

Chicago police said that Reginald Taylor approached a woman who was attempting to vote at a polling place in the 1200 block of East 62nd Place at about 10:45 a.m. He allegedly pushed and then snatched the ballot away from this voter and told her she wouldn’t be allowed to vote at that location.

Officials at the polling place called police and Tyler was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

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  • Lindsey

    This doesn’t surprise me. I was unable to vote early, and I tried to vote tonight. After getting stuck in traffic coming from work in the suburbs, I got there at 6:59, no later than 7. As I was about to walk in, one of the judges locked the doors. I finally got in at 7:02 (I checked my watch) when someone else came out, and they told me I was late and couldn’t vote. Even when I explained that I couldn’t get in, they refused to let me. Ridiculous!

    • Stephanie

      Lindsey – I was also denied the right to vote today, and I arrived at 6:55pm. The guy who opened the door for me said, “Hurry up, only 5 minutes left!” I walked inside and the entire polling place was closed down, tables folded, no polling stations up and the election judge said, “I’m so sorry; it’s after 7:00.” I showed her my cell phone clock and told her it was 6:56 and she told me my cell phone clock must be off, proceeded to fight with me for 6 minutes and then showed me her cell phone and said, “It’s 7:02. There’s nothing I can do.”

      Please report this. You are supposed to be allowed to vote as long as you get inside by 7:00 PM. You were denied entry at the door, causing you to be late. By locking the door before 7:00, it constitutes voter tampering.

      • sillyrabbit

        STEPH , sounds like a typical chicago ghetto jerk…

  • Minority Report

    Dont be late dummy

  • Pab

    What do we know about judges maybe they should serve a term only, really how do you know what to vote for really you don’t. And what does the Board of Elections offer in terms of how to cast a vote when we know nothing about judges. This really needs to be looked at more closely. Guess what and i don’t have a degree to come to this conclusion and we don’t have time to sit in court to determine who is a good judge and who is a bad judge. Some insite would help here

  • Greg

    Only in Chicago would election judges get arrested for battery, come into election judge when drunk, or threaten other election judges. I JUST got home from working a polling place in Cook County; my co-judges and I got along great! And I was even a walk-in judge!!

  • Mark

    bunch of dumb democrats

  • Tom

    Mark’s offhand comment goes right to the heart of the issue while skirting any attempt at discussing any of the real issues. The fact is that 99% of the voters don’t know any of the judges from Adam! Voting for judges is a charade and illustrates just how much our political system needs to be overhauled. Mark’s comment only reinforces the Republican vs. Democrat Us vs. Them mindset which leaves voters with basically no choice at all but a vote for the least atrocious. Our political system and our political candidates need a real shot of integrity if we want things to change. Bad behavior is bad behavior but Mark’s comment is indicative of the current paradigm that is at the root of and which continues to drive all such behavior.

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  • Joseph Tully

    I did some signature collection work for the mayoral candidate of my choice at a poling place. I went with a man of color to do this work. I took a break for a couple of hours. My friend continued to collect signatures. I returned to find the police present and an election judge ranting away at my friend. I stepped up and asked the police officer what was happening. He asked me if I knew the man I was working with. I stated that he has been my friend for many years and if there were any problems that I was sure that we could clear the matter up easily. The police officer shook my friends hand and apologized.

    You see my friends, white privilege lives. The man of color was about to be arrested because of an election judge who questioned whether he was truly 100 feet away from the polling place. Once a white man (me) stepped in to explain, the matter was solved. We have a long way to go with respect to race in this country, I’m afraid.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I was an election judge in Chicago Heights. ALL provisional voters were to vote on the touch screen machines-they were given special codes-so that their ballots could be tracked and thrown out if needed. A provisional voter had NO BUSINESS voting a paper ballot.
    I smell election fraud.
    White Privilege?
    Please. I grew up Jewish(I’m Catholic now) and conservative in a black neighborhood. ‘Racism’ is colorblind.

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