Kirk And Giannoulias Meet For A Beer At Billy Goat

UPDATED 11/3/10 – 6:18 p.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM) — After months of nasty fighting, U.S. Senator-elect Mark Kirk and his Democratic rival Alexi Giannoulias buried the hatchet by sitting down to have a beer together Wednesday night.

A day after Kirk won the election for President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat, Kirk and Giannoulias sat down for a beer at about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Billy Goat Tavern on Lower Michigan Avenue. Kirk showed up dressed in a dress shirt, blazer and khaki pants; Giannoulias was dressed far more casually in jeans, a sweatshirt and a Chicago Blackhawks cap.

Kirk, a Republican congressman from Northbrook, extended the invitation for a beer to Giannoulias during his victory speech late Tuesday.

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“Alexi and I, during this campaign, we discussed having a beer when this is all over,” Kirk said. “The first round is on me.”

Billy Goat owner Sam Sianis told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov that he has one rule for the candidates: no fighting.

“Out the door. Inside the door, you come into here … to have fun,” Sianis said. “No fighting, no fighting. Is fun only. … The politics, leave them outside now. Out the door. The politics, when you’re here, you no talk about the politics, you talk about the good times, how good the beer is … the cheezborger, and all that.”

On Wednesday, Kirk said the get-together with Giannoulias would show that “once the voters have spoken,” candidates can let bygones be bygones and work together for the good of the country.

The senator-elect actually won two races on Tuesday. The first was to fill the vacancy left when President Obama left the Senate. Roland Burris was appointed to fill that spot, but a federal court ruled that a special election must be held to fill the rest of that term.

The second race was for a full six-year term starting next year.

Kirk said he hopes to be sworn in as quickly as possible, maybe in the next couple of weeks, during the lame duck session of Congress.

Kirk promised to be a “very independent” senator who is a “fiscal conservative, social moderate and national security hawk.” He also said he “absolutely” would work with President Obama.

  • Running Rev

    Here we go already! Kirk can’t wait to embrace the Dems and comprimise with O’Bama.

  • Pat

    Hey Rev, nice spelling.

  • Gecko

    @Running Rev
    Its that type of attitude that handcuffs us and prevents the country from moving forward. Its not about who is in power (at least it shouldn’t be), its about working together to solve some of the problems facing Americans; get over it.

  • Pat

    Rev, I am a Dem & voted for Kirk because I believe him when he says he wants to work with the President. Stop with the partisan hate, the election is over.

  • Joe

    I told you I would win..I told you I would win…Cheeseburger…Cheeseburger..Pepsi Pepsi..

  • Lora

    stop being so bitter and get on with your lives; you have to respect someone who goes out and thanks people and hits the ground running the day after an elections. So all of you – Go make a difference somewhere today instead of spewing hate.

  • Paul

    Dan – Yeesh, lighten up! At least Kirk HAS a military career. Given the Mr. G’s lack of experience at the state let alone national level, Kirk will be the better rep for all of us.

  • Dan

    I’m not bitter, I just dont like when someone lies about a military career, you just dont do that. something sacred about that. to me.

  • g.

    Dan, I don’t like when a candidate loans money to afelon or fail miserably in running a bank and losing money in Brightstar. Being ethical is sacred to me.

  • Big G

    Let’s move past all of this partisan nonsense, and let’s hold these politicians accountable for moving this country along in a positive direction. The people have spoken. Let’s make sure if these newly elected officials don’t handle our business that we clean house again during the next elections!!!

  • Austin

    Big G is right! These people were elected by US to help get things right again for our country. if they can’t do it we will elect new people next time that can.

    America has taken a major step in showing Obama that there is no room for just his way in office. They all better start working together to make positive things happen, or they too will be out of jobs!!!!!!

  • zach

    Mark Kirk is just another lying arrogant jerk going to Washington. He will fit in with the rest of them.

  • Responsible Voter

    Amen Big G… As for President Obama, he has only done what all presidents have done before him… Supported those who would support him while in office… I have faith in Change… Rep. Dem. Green or Lib. I hope they all are willing to work together in congress along side the President to help this country prosper once again. I don’t know about you but I have my black pen ready now and I’m paying attention to all staff members… Just pass me the ballot..

  • Billy Goat turns my stomach

    The “Im ready to be bipartisan” is a initial, try to be gracious response to winning. Get ready for political gridlock. Im already frustrated.

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