Police: Man Beat Dog For Pooping On Floor

CHICAGO (STMW) – A Ukrainian Village man was so intoxicated he threw and kicked his dog because she defecated on the kitchen floor early Thursday, police said.

Anthony Jones, 45, of the 900 block North Damen Avenue, was charged with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, according to police.

Police who went to the suspect’s home to do “well being check” early Thursday found him to be highly intoxicated, loud and combative, according to a police report.

A witness told police Jones had arrived home intoxicated and he became angry when his dog, a female black Labrador mix, defecated on the kitchen floor, so he started kicking and throwing the dog around, according to the report.

The dog yelped in pain when he allegedly stepped on her neck, but she was able to get free and bite his left hand, the report said.

There was blood on the apartment floor and walls as well as a “substantial” amount of blood on his shirt and pants.

Jones was arrested at 1:40 a.m.

  • P

    What a nice guy.

  • Diane

    Well hopefully he won’t be allowed to own the dog anymore. But I bet he gets the dog back. Poor thing.

  • lee

    What a tool.

  • Nat

    The dog had mercy on him and only bit him…he should have killed him!

  • J

    I am hoping that poor dog is taken away from him. What a horrible way to live!

  • Peter

    She should have bit hill nut sack off. This guy should Not be allowed to reproduce..

  • J

    I agree, the dog should have killed him. But, Labs are such loyal dogs that it is very unlikely. This story makes me sick.

  • KB

    This moron should be put away, they need to make tougher laws for Animal abuse the creatures deserve better. Unfortunately he will not have a thing done to him except a fine and that is it….. Hopefuly the ASPCA can get this animal away from this jack ass…..

  • Leslie

    What a Jack ass!!!! He needs to have ass kicked!!! I think people like that are sick!!!! It turns my stomach to hear stories like that!!!!

  • Revenge

    A fitting punishment would be to have the dog get drunk and then get his revenge kujo-style.

  • Roxiology

    There needs to be stricker laws prohibiting those found guilty of animal abuse from ever owning an animal again. Fortunatley the dog was able to somewhat defend it’s self, he could’ve been seriously injured or killed. From looking at the dogs face it appears he may have been put in situations where he had to fight as well. On the other hand, that man is lucky, a dog that size could’ve taken him out if the dog was aggressive enough. That man got less than what he deserved thus far. If anyone finds out Jones gets this dog back there needs to be a backlash to stop this from occurring.

  • Susan

    I hope he gets cancer of his favorite appendage and he suffers!

    IMO, all people who are cruel to animals should be TOSSED on an island, naked.
    They could treat one another like they obviously treat others and animals. They could eat eachother, also.

    There is NEVER, EVER a good reason to abuse an animal!

  • Tom

    I volunteer to dish out the same punishment to the punk, times two, just so he won’t fotget.

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