The Bears beat the winless Buffalo Bills on Sunday, not necessarily a win that makes a statement to the rest of the league, but a win none the less.

“There’s really not much to say,” said Hall of Famer and former Bear, Dan Hampton. “It’s obvious that Lovie [Smith] had the meeting in the phone booth with Mike Martz and said ‘hey, we need balance and we need to protect the quarterback.’ And both of those objectives were met.”

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The Bears ran the ball more on Sunday than they have in most games this year. And offensive balance was a hot topic in the two weeks leading up to the game.

“Everyone wants a seven yard per touch average. We’re not gonna have it with this offensive line, with this offense. But it does help the big picture of the offense and the actual protection of the quarterback. Because it does put a little threat in the back of the minds of that front seven, that they can’t just start jumping around folks and coming after [Jay] Cutler.”

With what appears to be a new balanced offense, it should be interesting to watch the how the Bears offense evolves over the next few weeks. Especially with a big game against the Vikings looming next week.

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