There’s no question that Jay Cutler has the arm strength and raw talent to be a great NFL quarterback. What has held him back, in his short Bears career, has been his footwork and decision making. Former Bears quarterback, Jim Miller, thinks that the footwork shouldn’t be holding Cutler back.

“All his footwork can improve,” Miller said on the Danny Mac Show. “I would never like a coach to mess with a guys [throwing] motion, but footwork is always something that can be corrected.

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“You just gotta harp on him. All these drills you do in practice everyday, you just gotta constantly reaffirm and remind and really harp on him about the little things. Because if Jay truly wants to be great, he has the talent to be great, these are the things he’s going to have to work on to put him over the top. And right now it just seems like he refuses to do that.”

With a high level of play within his potential, Miller grades Cutler’s performance tougher than some, including The Score’s Matt Spiegel who gave him a B+.

“I would give him a little but lower than [a B+],” Miller said while talking with Spiegel on the Danny Mac Show. “I thought the forced the football a couple of times, but he did a nice job of tucking the football and running with it.”

Overall, Miller wasn’t very impressed with the three-point victory over the winless Bills.

“I thought that’s a team they should’ve blown out. I mean that just my opinion, and they’re capable of it. It just leaves you wanting more…They’re capable of great things, they really are, and hopefully they can continue to grow.

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