Pitbull Shot After Biting Chicago Cop

CHICAGO (STMW) – A Chicago Police officer fatally shot a pitbull after it apparently attacked him Monday afternoon in the Far South Side Pullman neighborhood.

The officer was conducting an investigation near West 118th Street and South Princeton Avenue about 1:30 p.m. when a pitbull escaped a yard and bit him in the ankle, police said.

The officer then fired shots at the dog, killing it, police said. The officer was taken to an area hospital in good condition with an injury to his ankle.

The owner of the dog could face a citation for an ordinance violation but had not been cited as of 4 p.m.

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  • Michael Burnett

    You should be outlawed for being a knucklehead.

  • j j

    he did not have to shoot the animal just spray him with pepper spray first then if that doesnt work maybe shot the dog but give it other options we do for low life people

  • Pitbull Lover

    Actually, if you took your incessant ignorance hat off and put your intelligent think outside of the box hat on you might find that pitbulls, which are trained to fight, are trained to fight other dogs thus their aggression is aimed towards other dogs never humans. I say prove it to the cop whom overzealously shot a dog that could have been looking for attention not death, way to further project a negative image about a dog that just wants attention, exercise and the ability to cuddle with its master.

    • Stogie

      Yea but the dog wasn’t nawing on its masters leg and he sure as hell wasn’t cuddleing up to the cop ,but he did get his attention!

  • Realist

    Excessive force. The officer is in good condition with an ankle “injury.” Was he trespassing? Did he aggravate the dog? If the officer was volatile enough to fire several shots, fatal shots, at a dog who bit his ankle, you have to wonder what he was capable of before the dog bit. If a person had punched the officer and he shot and killed the person, it would be a horror story. This is, too, especially when all the facts are not present. And 24paws, you don’t know if that dog was trained to kill or not. Unless you trained it.

  • southside

    Dude, the dog bit him. I love dogs, but if my own dog bit me it would have to go let alone a dog owned by a stranger. For the exact reasons you cited pitbulls should be outlawed. Just another breed, we won’t miss them. am not suggesting we wipe them out, but just keep them in a zoo as an exhibit…no ownership allowed.

    • Roberta Waker

      Excuuuus me. Pit Bulls can be loving, loyal pets if they are raised that way. Unfortunately most of them have a bad rap because they are beat, starved and made to fight for people that are more crazy than the dogs they train for fighting. What about the Ridgeback that killed a woman coming home with groceries, who was attacked for no reason? There are other dog breeds that kill and main as well. It’s all in how they are raised. Michael Vicks’ dogs have been placed into loving homes and rehabilitated and I haven’t heard of even ONE problem with their attacking anyone. Get your facts straight before you make stupid comments that make you look like an idiot.

  • sway miller

    Any responsible gun owner knows that guns should always be used as the last resort. Cops carry pepper spray, tasers, batons, the real problem is that law enforcement has gotten out of shape, lazy and lacking in intelligence. Look at the SWAT teams busting in peoples doors at midnight, adrenaline pumping, guns drawn, recipe for disaster. This should not have been handled in this manner. Guns are always the last resort, always.

    • Robin Quackenbush

      It is not the dog nor the officers fault the gate failed to hold the dog the dog was trained to be aggresive or not to be affectionate note I say the dog not the pit bull it is a DOG!

      Had the dog been restrained and trained properly we would have no need for this article.

      As guns do not kill people people do irresponsibility lies on the owner.

  • josephine davis

    I’m sorry t hear about what happened to the officer I hope he’s ok.

  • josephine davis

    Poor Dog thats not fair.

  • wr

    Get real, guns are the last resort!!! How stupid are you? If a dog is attacking me I’m sure not going to stop and think”OH maybe I’ll hit the dog first then if that doesn’t work Ill pepper spray, oh then maybe if I have a face left I should shoot the dog?” Do you have a lick of brains, it is a pitbull and if it is biting the cop, it has bit someone before, proven fact on pitbulls. There should be very, very strict rules on who owns them as it may keep the stupid people from owning one.

    • sway miller

      your post makes a lot of assumptions and the best part is when you say that you, “would not stop to think” before discharging a gun. Your casual attitude about firearm use is exactly why Chicago has become the new Wild West.

    • Roberta Waker

      Actually, if a dog attacks, you can hit them as hard as you can on the nose to get them to break their hold. If that doesn’t work, then use whatever means necessary to get free, i.e., pepper spray or, yes, even shooting the animal if it won’t let go and continues to attack. I would like to know about this dog, i.e., has he attacked anyone before, is his owner responsible, has the dog fought? There’s a lot we don’t know and I, for one, would like to have more details before condoning or condemning anyone, including the dog.

  • sway miller

    it is very irresponsible of you to applaud the officers use of a gun when pepper spray, taser or a baton could have been used. Anyone who takes a gun course knows that guns are always to be used as the last resort.

  • josephine davis

    Sorry Sorry Sorry to the Police and the dog owner.

  • Alfredo

    It’s not the dog’s fault, its the owner’s.

    • mike

      i agree brother it’s the owners fault

  • Train

    Chicago cops have a deeper history of unnecessary violence than pitbulls have.

  • wr

    Wild west how stupid is that. Who is shooting other people, stupid little gang bangers that get their guns illegally, and certainly not from legit gun stores that sell them. Apparantly you have no comprehension about firearms. Go to Arizona and Nevada have open carry laws and they have the lowest gun crimes in the USA. It is not the legit people with their legally owned guns shooting people.

    Remember GUNS don’t kill people PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, a gun just doesn’t jump up and choose to shoot someone randomly, it takes a person to fire the gun, just like a knife, a knife doesn’t kill or stab someone, it takes someone to use it. Get your facts straight before you presume about being me being casual about firearms.

  • wr

    And by the way they should outlaw all pitbulls as they are dangerous animals and should be banned from all people. You don’t see a wolf being owned by someone, why because it is a dangerous animal even if it is domestically bred.

    • Victoria R

      After reading all your comments I’ve come to the conclusion that you have anger and hatred issues within you, too bad you have such a horrific way of thinking. Somes like your the one who should be BANNED from society not Pits bulls, at least they have to be provoked to get angry, you seem angry all the time, and now that I’ve wasted too much time on someone like you, have a nice day WR, peace!!

    • doglover

      OK first of all not every pit bull is a dangerous animal just like not every German Shepard is a police dog and it dangerous… second people do own wolf hybrids and if you train them correctly they are sweet and loving animals. ALL animals need to be trained correctly to be a safe pet and if they are not then the whole breed gets a bad rep and that’s just wrong. Your telling people that they have no comprehension of fire arms and making a big deal on that when apparently you have absolutely no comprehension of any breed of dog at all! You need to stop assuming that just because one animal did something bad then they all are bad! You wouldn’t do that with people so why with animals? I would assume that you would know that if one person did something bad that does not mean the whole race/ gender/ religion/ etc.. are all bad. I would also assume that you would know that it has a lot do with how they were raised! So either think before you comment or research your point first because pit bulls are NOT the most dangerous dog breed and should not be treated as such

  • Mike

    pit bulls are just like any other dogs they are very great animals and need to be treated with respect. it’s still a life your comment was so stupid it’s not what kinda dog you have it’s how you raise them. I’m sure if you had kids you would realize there not perfect it takes time training and education to help a kid grow just like dogs people like you should be shot and killed cause your to stupid to realize how great these animals are

  • wt

    Ban Pit Bulls.

  • Lady LaLa

    Have you seen a Pitbull attack?! I have, and it was one of the most scary
    violent and horrible things I’ve witnessed in life. They latch on, and DON”T
    LET GO. Hope the Officer is okay….

  • Victoria R

    Pit bulls are loving dogs if treated and trained right, my Pit behaves and listens better then our Chocolate Lab and Labs are suppose to be good family dogs. Chicago police always take action first and ask questions later, that’s their way with animals as well as HUMANS!!

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