Quinn: Election Win Shows Tax Increase Is Right On

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Governor Pat Quinn says his election last week is proof that his main idea for solving the state’s money troubles is right.

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Quinn wants to raise $3 billion more a year by raising the state income tax by one percentage point.

He’d like to see it go up from the current 3 percent to 4 percent of your income.

He believes that the fact he was upfront about that during the campaign, and that he won the election, suggests voters agree with him about the income tax increase.

Democrats in the Illinois Senate are expected, though, to push for more casinos throughout the state, including in Chicago, as an alternative to raise revenue.

Quinn says his income tax increase plan is more important at this point.

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  • Fed Up with Liberals

    I knew this was coming, and I cried when Quinn won. I can’t afford any more taxes. Quinn’s win might signal that his voters are okay with a tax increase, but of course they would be. They don’t pay any taxes anyway. It’s always easy to vote to spend someone else’s hardearned money.

    • Fed up with tightwads

      Waaaaaah! Man up, shut up and pay your share.

    • Drew

      Oh yeah, I guess I’ve never paid taxes before… Shut up, man. I’m a liberal and happy to pay taxes to keep our services running. And I’m a poor college student and need to live within my means more than anybody. Quit complaining and stop being a selfish tightwad.

  • shorebreeze

    It’s very simple. Given the situation we’re in with our state, this has to be part of the picture. We’re not getting out of a 40 percent deficit with spending cuts alone. But for a tax hike to do any good, the state must also tackle other problems; employee pensions should move from defined benefit to 401k; Blagojevich’s expansion in Medicaid needs to be rolled back; we need to consider more tolls on roads, and so on. The pension system for public employees in this state is a timebomb; we do nothing now, and taxes will have to go up from three percent of income to eight percent in 2016 simply to pay the constitutionally-mandated pension bill. And that’s why I believe that in the end, pensions, not taxes, will become the big issue over the next two years. I hope everyone talks to their legislator about this.

  • Marz

    And now that we have Quinn, he is going to raise our taxes in order to feed money into the pension program for teachers, etc. We already funded their pension, but because the union spent the money, and now they want us to pay again. Quinn states that since he won we all new and want a tax increase. You did not win by that many % points, so that throws that thought out the window.


    It takes no brains to raise taxes, a monkey could do it. The reason you are in office is to figure out how to spend the money you are given by us taxpayers.
    Did you ever hear “live within your means?”

    Politicians are losers.

  • Jean SmilingCoyote

    A raise in the income tax isn’t right unless the Personal Exemption is raised to equal the equivalent of the gross pay from a full-time job at minimum wage, plus the “payroll taxes” that you can’t get back even if you have no income taxes withheld.

  • Jim

    Quinn is a moron. If he won by a margin over 50% then he could logically say that “the majority show that a tax increase is right”, but when 54% of people voted against you in a Democratic state then you obviously are not taking us down the right path. The problem is that Quinn is not smart enought to realize that the majority of the state wants to fix other issues prior to even thinking about an income tax increase. If the pension problem was solved (what companies actually pay pensions anymore?) and he lowered property taxes and we still had an issue I would have no issue with an income tax hike, bue as it stands we have major issues that need to be fixed 1st!!! If anyone voted with this in the general assembly they would be voting themselves out of office after their term. Not smart my friend!

  • Suzyljank

    He’s an idiot. How the heck does he expect people to come with the extra money when they’re already losing their homes. Who put this jerk in office.

  • Laura

    I was so disappointed when Quinn won. I suspect vote-mongering by the selfish, greedy union workers that infest all state contracts and love to work triple OT on weekends to patch 4-inch holes on highways (US Route 30) instead of widening them with all the federal stimulus money this state received.
    And now, because of the rest of you idiots who voted for this clueless, bumbling Blago- and Rezko-loving idiot, I have to fork over another 1% of my meager income to pay for WHAT? More overpaid union workers?
    No. No more. I’m selling and moving next year. Illinois is one of the worst-run and corrupt states in our country. I don’t care if I don’t turn a profit on my property or if I have to take a foreclosure hit. I want to have a better quality of life on my meager income elsewhere.

  • Jamminonthe1

    Good Riddance than Laura

  • A different Laura

    yeah, all those overpaid underworking union workers…like the cops who get shot at and take the risk every day that they may never come home, and the paramedics that work 24 hour shifts and who regularly don’t even get a chance to eat on the job because they never.stop.running…or would it be the overpaid firemen and women who go into burning buildings to save people when their house catches fire…, or would it be the overpaid teachers who work 10 and 12 hour days (just because you don’t see them in the classroom doesn’t mean they’re not working) and spend their own money on school supplies for their underfunded classrooms. Yeah there are problems with every sector (cuz you know private sector employees NEVER cause problems, ever)…but by and large, the people who are union workers are hard working men and women who earn every last dollar they are paid. Yeah…they’re all terribly overpaid…that’s why so many of them have second jobs to make ends meet for their family.

    • Andy

      Take a walk in the wild and unpredictable “private sector” . No one forced cops, paramedics, teachers etc to pursue their chosen professions. Their professional risks are well publicized. As for the union jobs, we have a movie crew setting up props for a shoot in the vicinity. 12 guys are sitting around while 2 guys are actually working. Truly a wonder to behold.
      The jello-governor has won and will increase the taxes. I certainly am not going to invest in my business to reduce expenses and increase profits. WHY BOTHER???

      • Fed up with tightwads

        So andy, not gonna expand the lemonade stand, huh? Man up, Shut up, and pay your share.

  • Jim

    Charities are also going to suffer. I will tell every one of them asking for money from now on that Quinn is taking your money…give him a call. Also, is it just CBS that publishes pictures of Quinn that make him look like he needs an “ah’duh” quote above him?

  • Jim

    “Fed up with tightwads” either works for a union or collects unemployment from the state. He or she is a little bitter at people pointing out great facts.

  • Andy

    @ “Fed up with tightwads”, do all businesses look like a Lemonade Stand to you? Pity the limits of your imagination. But you gave me an idea, and I thank you for that. Next time I interview a prospective employee, I’ll quiz the candidate about his/her political views. That’s still legal, right? Why should I hare an enemy of my business? And I am already paying my share; I don’t want to pay yours.

  • Andy

    @ JIM, thanks for tip. If you don’t mind, I’ll use your comeback when another charity calls.

  • Dr Bob

    Democrats voted for Quinn because most democrat voters don’t pay any taxes.

    Democrats suck up resources and produce very little.

  • Skorps

    Raise taxes and oppose gun rights in Illinois. Go to Hell, Quinn.

  • Katie

    I did not vote for Gov Quinn. But a few months ago he talked about cutting many programs that would affect all of us. I surely do not want the important programs cut from Illinois. Our disable people, homeless people, our teachers, and many more programs he will cut if he doses not get his way. Cutting programs will affect all of us. I do not like it. I do not want programs cut because were already out of budget balance. If you make 100.00 week, it is only $1.00 more weekly. I cannot afford any more taxes, but I cannot afford cutting programs that affect all of us.. Lets keep our teachers and programs going to help all of us…..

  • Bobbi70

    Have teachers and politicians pay into and collect Social Security; this will make Social Security more solvent. Eliminate government pensions and put the money into 401(k)s. One percent doesn’t sound like much, but Congress wants to pass HR4646 to place an ADDITIONAL 1% Federal Tax on bank transactions, i.e., on EACH transaction, each deposit, each withdrawal; then this will be put on anything you buy over and above what you are already paying. So you see, 1% here and 1% there can add up fast. Vote NO to HR 4646.

  • Kathy

    Governor Quinn,

    Maybe you should ask State government to scale back, and reduce costs to make up some of the lost revenue. Possibly you could shut down the Governors mansion, fire the maids, butlers, cooks, and free up some of the money. Live like the rest of us…paycheck to paycheck, and then raise your own taxes, and see how you like it. I so wish you would have lost the election!

  • Mr. Justice

    Quinn is an idiot! Most businesses cut expenses. That is what we need to do. CUT OUT WELFARE TO THOSE WHO STAY AT HOME AND DO NOT WORK AT ALL.

    Also, Quinn would not have won the election had it not been for those in Cook county who DO NOT pay income tax. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE UNLESS THEY OWN PROPERTY AND / OR PAY INCOME TAX. I am sick of these democrats and their supports who continue to take from those of us who work.

  • Mr Voter

    …let try out this re-call admedment RECALL QUINN in 2011…….

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