The Bears success this season hinges on their final eight games. Sitting at 5-3, the Bears are in a position where they could control their own destiny down the stretch. And with a little bit of offensive success, history tells us that the Bears could potentially make a run to the playoffs.

“The Bears are 48-10, under [Lovie] Smith when the team scores at least 18 points. So that’s the magic number,” Zach Zaidman said on Monday’s Boers and Bernstein Show.

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“That’s what you’re asking the offense to do…But can [they] get anywhere in the neighborhood of 18-21 points? Is that too much to ask this offense over the remaining eight games of the season?”

Zaidman isn’t the only person who is aware that 18 appears to be the magic number for the Bears offense. When Zaidman spoke with several players about their goals heading into the Bills game, they knew exactly what they needed to do on offense.

“I spoke with several players [before the Buffalo game] about what their goals were,” Zaidman said. “And obviously everyone everyone wants to win, but there are certain things that they believe going into every game that they have to do to win.

“They wanted 100 yards rushing, they ended up with 105. They wanted at least 40% 3rd down efficiency, they were 58% on third downs. They wanted a 60% red zone efficiency rate, they were three of four inside the red zone. The wanted no turnovers, they picked up one. The other goal the Bears had was scoring at least 21 points, they ended up with 22.”

So for the final eight games of the season, if the Bears offense can put together 18 points per game then Lovie and the Bears could be playing in the playoffs.

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