Seniors Back Quinn Plan To Hike Income Tax

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Several dozen senior citizens played a large-scale version of the game “Operation” in front of the Thompson Center today–part of a demonstration in support of raising the income tax.

The demonstrators held up a large poster of the Illinois body politic – saying the state had taken the heart and the brain. In other words, they say, left it with inadequate funding in human services and education.

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Demonstrators like 77-year-old Jesse Soper of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus say it’s unpopular, but it’s time for an income tax increase.

“It’s very hard for me to say we need to increase our taxes,” Soper said.

But, he says, people must realize that less revenue means fewer services for seniors.

“Without a tax increase, their loved ones might end up in a nursing home or might be deprived of some vital services they really need.”

The demonstrators delivered letters to the governor, House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton.

Gov. Quinn has been a longtime advocate of raising the income tax from 3 percent to 4 percent.

  • Paul

    Cease all government pensions before raising or adopting any new taxes.

  • Mark

    Of course, because most seniors’ income is non-taxable in Illinois including social security and pensions. They will gain additional services with very little if any cost to them. It’s a no-brainer if you are a senior citizen.

  • Karen

    Republicans said they did not want a higher deficit. So I guess this is what they wanted to the people of our country. Wait till the Republicans remove the unemployment benefits. I hope the Democrats won’t let them do this, otherwise, there will be twice the crime as now.

  • alpo

    I hope all the zombies who voted for Quinn are happy. Taxes will go up, services will remain inadequate and the public sector unions will continue to prosper until the next round of tax increases is needed! More change we can believe in.

    • Mariann Pepitone

      You are so right. I voted for Brady and I think there was fraud in this election like the senate election in Minnesota where that dumb comedian won thru thousands of illegal immigrants not registered voting which they found out later making him a loser but the court did not make him tep down. The republican really that election. I believe the same incident went on here in the voting for Quinn. Harold Washington our late mayor did not like Quinn and did not trust him.

  • George Meyer

    Why not just have the family take care of the seniors that haven’t saved enough durning their working days so they can’t help themselves now. Rather than tax the seniors and everyone else that have saved all their lives to have enough to retire on

    • Yangsan

      I agreed 10%.

  • jaycee

    anyone that wants a tax increase is not to smart

  • Mariann Pepitone

    I am still working in a real estate office going on 15 years at the age of 81 and I am upset at Quinn for a tax increase and free riding taken away Those seniords that agree don’t work and don’t care about anyone but themelves. Even if I didn’t work I am against higher taxes. The economy is too bad and some people are working part time. Too bad Brady didn’t win. But I believe there were several thousand illegal immigrant voters not registered that voted for Quinn like in Minnesota that found it out that’s how that comedian won but he really did not win.

  • Jennifer

    A tax increase is essential. People who can’t understand that probably can’t balance a check book. You want more and more services but don’t want to pay for them. HELLO. Where is all the funding supposed to come from?

  • Michael

    As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” The state’s fiscal crisis means that we need more taxes to fund vital services for all ages.To pay the state’s debt would take a banner of dollar bills, wide as a road, reaching from Chicago to Sydney, Australia. Public service agencies are in danger because the state has been failing to pay them money owed..How many more women, men and children need to suffer before we raise the revenue so urgently needed?

  • Debbie

    We get what we vote for. How many people went out and voted for Brady? If you voted for Quinn or if you didn’t vote you are reaping what you have sown. We will have a income tax hike thanks to our Governor Quinn on top of the wonderful cook county property tax increase. My paycheck hasn’t increased, but by golly the taxes have!!!! Where are the people of the state suppose to get these additional dollars? Wake up people time to vote these jokers out!

  • Jason

    Actually, I’d rather see spending cuts than revenue increases. To be frank, when income increases, so does spending. Giving Springfield more money to blow will not fix the problem, ever. Reigning in government spending is the only way to fix Illinois’ problems. What do you do when your debt gets out of control? You revisit your budget and cut costs where you can to pay it off and get back in the green, you don’t go to your boss and demand more money.

    • Yangsan

      I agreed 100%.

  • Kless Gyzen

    I agree with most of the comments above but let me remind all the citizens of Illinois that our elected officials in Springfield, mostly democrats, got us into the mess were in. Spend-Spend Spend!!!!!!! I say cut, cut, cut whatever it takes with no tax increases.

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