Muslim Center Foes Have Traffic, Flooding Concerns

(WBBM) – About 100 people turned out Tuesday evening for a meeting of the DuPage County Zoning Board to express their opposition to a proposed Muslim cultural center in unincorporated Willowbrook.

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Opponents told the board that the center would make traffic and flooding issues worse in the neighborhood.

The Chicago Tribune reports the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America (MECCA) is seeking a conditional-use permit and several building height variations for a proposed mosque, school and recreation center on 91st Street near Illinois Route 83.

An attorney representing the residents told the board that the neighborhood isn’t suitable for a large religious institution.

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  • Jim

    Yeah, Im sure it has nothing to do with them being Muslim.

    • Bons

      If it was being built right in your neighborhood, how would you feel about it?

  • Mike Leahy

    To E.A.:
    You are a BIGOT.

  • Mike Leahy

    I must apoligize to all members of the Muslim faith. There are way too many idiots like E.A. in the U.S.

  • Dave S.

    This article does not give enough info to make a judgement either way,. Maybe there really are traffic and flooding issues or maybe it’s just a bunch of racists trying to keep Muslims out – most likely it is some of both. The point is that neither Jim nor EA have enough info to make the statements they made. On the other hand, ther is enough info for Mike to make the statement he made.

  • Idris

    I normally believe in live and let live, but when someone imposes their religion on others creating situations or disturbances I draw the line. I don’t blame the local residents for not wanting a mosque across the street, people are afraid. It’s the baggage that comes with it, not the actual religion that’s the problem. I’ve seen intersections in New York City completely blocked by overflow worshippers at prayer time who cannot fit into the nearby mosque. This often happens more than just once. I’ve seen women followers of Islam who cover their face as part of their practice (which is fine) however they resist with security when it comes to validating identities by briefly showing their face. This compromises public safety and is imposing religion upon others.
    If a person wants to live in a country other than their own I believe that the customs and language should be followed as is reasonable to the locale. To me this is a sign of respect and acceptance to the host nation. Not even attempting to blend in is disrespectful in my view. In the fanatic’s mind there’s them, and there’s us. If you are not Muslim, you are a non-believer and an infidel – for which we should die. It is unfortunate that the many must suffer for the sins of the few.

  • woz

    just put up a pork processing plant next door and a strip club across the street (call it mo’s mammas) that should do it……..impose your will on them and we will see how far tolerance goes!!!!!!! ill bet not to far!!!!!!!!!! i am with e a

  • The Score

    To Mike:
    You’re an IDIOT.

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