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The only thing keeping my finger off the panic button is that it is normally very good players who are off to this terrible start. Duncan Keith has been playing like a borderline top 4 defensemen this year instead of a Norris Winner. Kane has been flat out lazy. Toews is far from blame as well as he hasn’t been winning all the board battles etc.

The new guys have been playing pretty decent. Dowell and Pisani have picked it up. Skille and Stalberg are busting their asses every play. Basically we just need to hope that guys who are proven commodities in this league start to perform up to their normal expectations

People who are chastising the giant talent drop off haven’t been paying attention. It’s the stars that are killing us right now, not the new players.

Northside Dan


If Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt and hop on the retread hire pile, so can Lovie Smith.


Columbus, OH


Hi guys all the so called hockey experts will now see how good coach Q really is. He has been fired twice and inherited a team that Bubbles the chip could have guided to a cup victory. I hated the hiring and stand by it as a lifelong hawks fan God help Us.

  • Scorehead

    Hey Spiegel, please take more days off.

  • Noots

    Danny Mac, if you feel compelled to compare Cuthead to Flacco and Matty Ice, please also compare the players protecting said quarterbacks and the surrounding cast of stars. Does anyone on the Bears even come close to comparison to Roddy White, Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez? How about their respective lines? Knowing all of this you have an Offensive Coordinator who does NOTHING to mask the gaping holes in line talent. He’s making it worse. Last week was a step in the right direction. Maybe they can build on it.


  • Paul Cain

    I heard you guys the other day wishing you had a song for Brian Campbell but couldn’t come up with a rhyme: Here you go…

    Black Crows, “Hard To Handle”: If you want a goal give me Brian Campbell, ’cause baby he’s so hard to handle now, yes he is.

    Just a thought for Spiegs. Maybe it will light up the Hawks.

    PapaCain in Palos Hills

  • Ben in Queens

    Danny Mac! If all you’ve got for a drinking partner is Aggravated White Sox Fan for the Northwestern/Illini tilt I’d love to buy you a drink to show my appreciation for all your show has kept me forever linked to the Chicago Sports Universe. Are you going to be at the ESPN Zone?

  • John in Forest park

    Theisman also let us know that “The Bears don’t have a big man… and that’s a good thing.” I agree, those big receivers that can jump and catch really ruin teams. Thank God we don’t have one one those.

  • John K

    Hey Danny Boy: The Largest Sports league in the world is the Premier Socoer league in Europe. NFL revenues are about 7 billion and Premier League is about 28 billion, 4 time the size. Get it right bucko!! Get yourself a fact checking ticket!!!!
    JK Kiler1

  • scott in sycamore

    Let us not even discuss the Bears on a victory Monday. Just make your travel plans to Dallas for early next year. Instead lets talk about the two real bits of news from Sundays game: 1. What was Daryl Johnston wearing? On my television it looked like a chocolate pin-stripped suit with a rhinestone purple tie and a sparkly shirt. 2. The best ref call was illegal forward pass followed by loss of down. The signal looks like breaking wind followed by a macarena style dance move. Discuss amonst yourselves.

  • Mike in SC

    you guys are forgetting that the Bears played in ATL last year, and also lost a game that they should have won. I believe the game ended on a false start penalty inside of the Falcon’s redzone

  • Manny

    I’m tired of people on the score, not sure who has been saying it, it’s someone different all the time. I am tired of hearing every week there’s a team that is the best in the NFL and than they lose to a mediocre team. 1st it was “The Giants are the best team in the NFL” then it was “Philadelphia” and now it’s “Atlanta”. How come those teams weren’t considered as catching teams at the right time to make them look good or unstoppable? I don’t think any of the so called experts know who will make it to the SUperbowl!

  • sims

    mcMEAL goes vicious personal CHEAP SHOT again today on Jennifer Hammond, FOX sideline reporter! just hideous radio–when will the pudgy Tom Cable Twin realize that boorish sexual banter and juvenile unprofessionalism does not help his sinking ratings? Maybe the fleshy mcneil should worry about his zero “Q” rating and not being able to make it on CTL vs the usual sexist rants

  • Darius (Chicago)

    I think it was Danny who mentioned Jared Lorenzen earlier. Without further adieu, here’s what Wikipedia lists as the nicknames he’s earned over his football career:

    “Jumbo Giant”
    “Fat Jared”
    “Hefty Lefty”
    “The Pillsbury Throwboy”
    “The Abominable Throwman”
    “Round Mound of Touchdown”
    “Tubby Gunslinger”
    “BBQ (Big Beautiful Quarterback)”
    “Battleship Lorenzen”
    “Lord Of The Ring-Dings”
    “He Ate Me”

    Happy Victory Monday.

  • boomer

    Hey McMEAL
    Have you figured out the difference between Earl Bennet and Edgar Bennet yet? This seemed to confuse you on air today…Jeez at least get the key position player names right? You spent most of last week speaking of the Bears/Lions game to be held at Soilier Field vs the real location in Detroit. We have heard you loud and clear–you want Bears to go 0-16 again this year, and your recent flip flop is just that–ZERO room on bandwagon for Fraud fans like you–Gambling determines your preferences, NOT anything else–a sick career toadstool as the suntimes recently described you!

  • costas

    Just DELICIOUS! No mcneil today! No surprise there when you consider the MASSIVE amounts of heavy Greasy Food he daily pounds down the fleshy Indiana face. Has he reverted back to the Zoubaz pants with his 42 inch waist, and 272 lbs on that 5″8″ frame? NBD, but this is the guy that daily rips Others for being fat Hypocritical? Will enjoy a one-day return to wscr and will enjoy a show with the mcneil sexist, frat house banter, and self focus!

    • simonson

      Costas–Got that 100% right! mcneil’s act became lame years ago–his rips on ron santo/WGN last Friday were low class and highly inappropriate but vintage mcneil.. He continued this week with the cheap shots on Jennifer Hammond.. when he returns from his stomach problems he will whine about Gout–hmm maybe if he could push himself away from the table for ONCE, it might help? He will also start days of ripping phil simms as we build up toi sunday cbs bear broadcast—he is predictably bad! Will enjoy a day w/o mcneil today and hope that continues for good!

  • costas

    Another gift from above–No mcneil for Day 2! Just amazingly wonderful– a breath of fresh air—More “stomach problems” they say! Yes of course, mcMEAL has a HUGE Stomach problem and has for 20+ years! No sympathy here for one with zero will-power–problem is when he returns we will hear ad nauseaum his personal details–as he has done several times in the recent past–describe his most personal bathroom habits! Just hideous radio..Everybody pray for another day w/o the downer boy on thursday!

  • dunn

    Let me set the record straight on the Santo funeral broadcast on December 10–mcneil commented frequently how WSCR will hook up to the general pool audio during the ceremony, and how he is most interested in hearing Pat Hughes speak— This is the only way Pat will ever be heard on WSCR as he and WGN refuse to do interviews with mcneil due to years of cheap shots ripping Ron–Pat , with Dave Ennett;s approval did go on ESPN last week with Waddle and Silvy, but purposely avoided mcneil—their is a price to be paid from years of attacks on Pat and Ron–from the career toadstool incapable of either playing the game or even doing analyst work

  • costas

    ROCK BOTTOM RADIO–McDUFUS AGAIN DESCRIBING HIS PERSONAL BATHROOM HABITS–i.e. the colors of what he deposits from that MASSIVE “backside”–Hideous does not begin to descibe that lowlife! ANd of course he cheap shots Both Phil Sims and Joe Buck “arrogant SOB”? This coming from mcneil?? The guy who cant even do chicago tribune live?

  • John Thomas

    Ibanez is on the market?
    Pack Quenton’s bags…

  • Northside Al

    Spiegel has “PUNCH ME” voice….Bruuu-taaal!!!!

  • jerry b.

    hey guys are we goona see some TOE-JAM football this week-end ?

  • BUCK

    BUMMER–the career toadstool is back poisoning radio air waves! he immediately shows his blatant sexism with his non-comment on the Ron Franklin/Jeannine Edwards Fiesta Bowl suspension last saturday–“sweetcakes” is tame to the vicious sexist attackes mcneil daily dishes out on sara kustok or jennifer hammond for example..

  • Joe from Midlothian

    Mac tell Matt that he can get that pheasant from a place in Tampa. I would wait and order it next Sunday after the game and have it shipped here for Monday afternoon. Here is one of a very few places that you can order pheasant:

  • Troy from South Beloit

    Let’s get all the Cutler bashers eating crow. I am still waiting for the eastern seaboard programming network’s Trent Dilfer to write a follow up column today, after he RIPPED Cutler over the weekend for not being a elite quarterback and that he will never win in the playoffs with his mechanics as they are? It seems that all the Cutler bashers are awful quiet today.

  • Troy from South Beloit

    You had this Bears team at best record wise this year at 7-9. Just let your hatred go for Lovie and Jerry and just enjoy this unexpected playoff ride.

  • Mark

    Carl from Aqua Teens is the ultimate meatball fan, and who I picture when I hear the term “meatball”.

  • sean---london legion hockey

    International Cars—rights side of vehicle
    American Cars–left side of vehicle

    most of the time

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