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The only thing keeping my finger off the panic button is that it is normally very good players who are off to this terrible start. Duncan Keith has been playing like a borderline top 4 defensemen this year instead of a Norris Winner. Kane has been flat out lazy. Toews is far from blame as well as he hasn’t been winning all the board battles etc.

The new guys have been playing pretty decent. Dowell and Pisani have picked it up. Skille and Stalberg are busting their asses every play. Basically we just need to hope that guys who are proven commodities in this league start to perform up to their normal expectations

People who are chastising the giant talent drop off haven’t been paying attention. It’s the stars that are killing us right now, not the new players.

Northside Dan


If Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt and hop on the retread hire pile, so can Lovie Smith.


Columbus, OH


Hi guys all the so called hockey experts will now see how good coach Q really is. He has been fired twice and inherited a team that Bubbles the chip could have guided to a cup victory. I hated the hiring and stand by it as a lifelong hawks fan God help Us.

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