Report: Sox, Cubs Might Try To Sign Konerko

CHICAGO (WSCR) — FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports both the White Sox and Cubs could make plays to sign free agent first baseman Paul Konerko.

The White Sox want to bring back Konerko, 34, who is coming off one of the best seasons of his career, having hit .312 with 39 home runs and 111 RBI.

The Cubs could also make a pitch for Konerko, after trading Derrek Lee to the Atlanta Braves last season.

Rosenthal reports the Orioles, Rangers and Diamondbacks also could make big plays.

The Diamondbacks likely would be an attractive option for Konerko, who has a home in Scottsdale with his wife and two young children.

But he’d likely have to be willing to take a major paycut to play for Arizona. The Diamondbacks declined a $7.5 million option on 31-year-old Adam LaRoche, who had a 25-homer 100-RBI season for the Diamondbacks, viewing the price as too steep.

Meantime, the White Sox also are likely to make a push to resign catcher A.J. Pierzynski, who might be a bigger priority for the Sox, given the large number of first basemen on the market and the dearth of reliable catchers.

Pierzynski, 33, has been one of the league’s most durable catchers during his career and offers the Sox a much-needed left-handed bat. Third baseman Mark Teahan and left fielder Juan Pierre are the only other lefties on the Sox roster.

Backup Tyler Flowers, seen as Pierzynski’s likely replacement at some point, has struggled offensively while improving his defense, so it’s not clear if he’s ready to be an everyday catcher.

The free agent market for catchers consists mainly of former Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez and a bunch of journeymen.
The Sox could offer Pierzynski arbitration to keep him for another year, but teams like the Marlins, Rangers and Mariners could try to sign him to multi-year deals.

Rosenthal also reports that the Sox are looking at free-agent closer Rafael Soriano, which could mean they’re preparing to trade or release Bobby Jenks, who has struggled with injuries and reduced velocity the past couple seasons.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    I would love to get Rafael soriano and get rid of Bobby jenks.

    and if Konerko wants to go somewhere else, I wish him the best, one of the great players in white sox history. but please Paul. anywhere but the cubs!

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i’m sorry, when did the cubs get a new ballpark?

    wrigley field sucks, it’s old and falling apart, i know the cubs are trying to renovate it, but if you’re talking about the current wrigley field, it’s one of the top 5 worst ballparks in the league, and if you’ve never been to us cellular, it’s among the top 10 best ballparks, wrigley is a dump filled with drunken cub fans who wouldn’t know a ground rule double from a home run. paul loves the white sox and us cellular field, the only national team i believe paul would go to is the d-backs, i give the cubs probably a 2 percent chance of getting paul, and i still think paul would like to come back to the white sox. but don’t call us cellular a ghetto.

    oh, and minor league team? i’m sorry, who won the world series in 2005? i don’t think it was the cubs, the cubs play like a minor league team, but i can’t call them that because your dumb front office people gave all those overrated cubs players giant contracts.

    so just STFU

  • deeger

    Wrigley Field smells of urine, no wonder they can’t win. Renovate it? Demolish it.

  • ART


  • 777

    Art, as a fan of the Cubs I can say without a doubt that the they have a much larger fan base than the Sox. Every person who knows a marginal amount about the sports is a self-proclaimed “die hard” Cubs fan.

    I would trade in all of our sell outs for a spot in the World Series. I wouldn’t even mind losing in the Series but for the love of god get there in my life time! Because right now us Cub fans have no room to talk.

    p.s. using ALL CAPS in your post makes you look like an “Ass-Hat”

  • Dee

    I want the Cubs to get AJ come on Hendry. As far as the stadiums the smell of Sox fans is far worse then anything at Wrigley

  • Mike

    We sold out every game in Oct. 2005.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    I don’t care if we sell out, just as long as we play well, I think that’s what any true fan should want from their team. I bash wrigley field because I don’t like the cubs, but every fan has something they don’t like about their ballpark. I’ve heard Cubs fans who say they want to get a brand new ballpark and get rid of wrigley, but most want to keep wrigley, I say I don’t really care, do whatever you want with your ballpark, but what really matters is what players you have playing in your ballpark, that will determine if you can win a title, at this point I don’t think the sox or the cubs are going to win the WS next season. so let’s stop arguing about ballparks. I’m happy with mine as a sox fan, and cubs fans can be happy with wrigley. I just didn’t like that one cubs fan calling us cellular a ghetto.

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