Woodlawn Residents To Protest At U Of C Hospital

CHICAGO (CBS) – Residents of the Woodlawn neighborhood are planning a protest at the University of Chicago Medical Center Friday, over the lack of a trauma center at the hospital despite its proximity to violence-plagued areas.

The community members plan to stage two separate “die-in” protests Friday. The first will be held in the main quadrangle on the U of C campus at noon, the second on the hospital campus about three blocks west at 12:45 p.m. The group begins the protest at 11:30 a.m. with a march from 60th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.

The protest stems from the death of Damian Turner, an 18-year-old community activist who was shot at 61st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in August. Because the nearby U of C Medical Center does not have a trauma unit, Turner was instead taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital several miles north, where he was later pronounced dead.

Family members and community activists held another protest in September, on the grounds that the U of C Medical Center “sits in the community, that does not serve the community,” the Rev. Andre Smith said at the time.

The U of C does have a children’s trauma center. But hospital administrators say, as major medical research center, offering innovative care for many illnesses, its resources would be stretched too thin to make a trauma unit for adults.

“It makes it difficult to run a hospital and provide the kind of patient care that we really aspire to,” hospital spokesman John Easton said in September. Easton at the time also promised a delegation of the protesters could meet soon with the hospital leadership.

There are four trauma centers in the city – Northwestern, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Stroger Hospital of Cook County, and Mt. Sinai Hospital. Pediatric units are housed at Mt. Sinai, the U of C’s Comer Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Memorial Hospital.

  • Straight Shooter

    …or the people in the community can stop acting like animals and start being civilized adults. That would eliminate the need for a trauma center. Protesting a hospital over a lack of a trauma center. What a joke. How about these protestors just get a job instead of sitting around complaining as always about how society “done them wrong”.

    • Woodlawn resident

      @ Straight Shooter:

      Woodlawn residents don’t have jobs?
      Woodlawn residents always complain about how society has “done them wrong”?
      Ignorance is on sale today!!!!
      Why was Damian Turner shot?
      All you know is that you don’t know…

  • juattiffany12

    i live in the community and i was born at the university of chicago, and so was my son…my husband has M.S. and he gets treated there….my mom recieves cancer treatment there……and yes we are all black….

    black people we need to stop playing the victime card……if we stop killing each other we wont need a damn trauma unit…..

  • Straight Shooter 2

    we all need to clean up out communuties using poverty and despair as an excuse for drugs and violence ic a cop-out, that shoudl spur us all on to be better. Come on people get wise.

  • chru2mywerds

    How backwards is this? The young man shot was likely shot by someone that looks like him. Protest the fact that there’s a killer in the community. Protest the fact that black fathers are not in the homes that plague violence-filled communities. Protest the lack of self-control, self-discipline, and self-restraint where black males become detached from society and kill other blacks. Protest that. Protest the high out of wedlock birthrates for black men and women. Protest that. Protest the lack of unity in the community.

    There is so much to raise hell about, to protest. Why not start with personal responsibility? A trauma unit on every corner cannot repair, heal, or fix that which starts with SELF.

  • Fed up

    We does be shootin peple every day and these folks don’t want to give us free medical care. What do they want us to do after we bes shot? Die? Oh my God, we must bes use the race card-its the only card we bess got couse we dont got know employment card.

  • Woodlawn resident

    @ Fed up.
    Is that it, Is that the best you can do?
    what’s really bothering you?

    Grade: F

  • Deanne

    Trauma Centers don’t make money. U of C wants to do cutting edge things in the world of transplants. All about dollars and cents. To be a Level 1 Trauma Center you have to have almost all specialist in house or within 30 minutes. Hell St James in Olympia Fields dropped there several years ago based on cost.

  • expert

    Indeed. Why cant those dumb lazy blacks down there in that South Side be smart, calm, and civilized like us? Aren’t they the savages. Gangs! Community organizing!!! THEY have so much unprovoked rage, not like us smart people who are employed, from stable, intact families, in touch with reality, and unshot. Jobs grow on trees, money doesnt.

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