Mom Of Slain Student ‘Outraged’ Killer Will Be In Hawaii

BATAVIA (STMW) — Despite efforts by a Honolulu prosecutor, an Illinois man convicted of killing an Eastern Illinois University student in 1998 will be allowed to move to Hawaii after he’s released on parole Tuesday.

Justin Boulay, 33, of St. Charles, was sentenced in May 1999 to 24 years in prison for strangling his girlfriend, Andrea Will, with a telephone cord. After serving 12 years, Boulay, 33, is scheduled to be released from the Danville Correctional Center. Boulay plans to move to Hawaii to live with his wife, Rachel, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii Medical School, who married him while he was in prison.

Boulay’s release has sparked outrage; a Facebook page — Voices for Andrea Faye Will — has more than 1,200 members.

“It’s not like we are looking for revenge,” said Sally Zikas of Tinley Park, who was a sorority friend of Will’s. “But this is such a slap in the face. You can’t just see [Boulay] fly off to paradise without having our say.”

On Tuesday, candlelight vigils will be held in Batavia and at the University of Hawaii.

“I want people to be as outraged as I am,” said Will’s mother, Patty Rosenberg of Batavia. “It’s the only thing I have.”

Last week, Honolulu prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro wrote to Hawaii’s parole director and governor challenging the transfer, saying he’s concerned that there appears to be no valid plan of supervision in place and that young female students attend the school where Boulay’s sponsor — his wife — works.

In noting that Boulay was convicted of killing a female college student, the prosecutor said he was “extremely concerned about the safety of the university’s students and whether supervision of this individual would be sufficient to ensure the safety of the female students on campus.”

According to Honolulu broadcast reports, Boulay’s wife knew him when he lived in St. Charles and was a character witness at his trial.

Kaneshiro said he hadn’t seen the supervision plan and thought Boulay should have to spend time on parole in Illinois to show he would comply with the rules in Hawaii.

But Max Otani, executive director of the Hawaii Paroling Authority, told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that his department will supervise Boulay “like any other inmate from out of state.”

Boulay was Will’s boyfriend from back home and had followed her to EIU, but they broke up. In a note written by Boulay and left at the scene of the murder, Boulay admitted the two had gotten into a fight “over stupid stuff.” When Will told him she was dating others, “I lost it. … I couldn’t let go of her neck,” Boulay wrote.

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  • Jim

    This jerk KILLED a person and now he gets out of prison after ONLY 12yrs! What is wrong with this justice system??????????

  • Carmen

    I’m from Puerto Rico living in Chicago and I just heard people all the time that the justice in my country stunk, but my God in United Startes is rottened, I can believe that this fellow kill in cold blood a woman, have ONLY 24 yrs and them lets him free after just 12 yrs.. Guess what I am not sorry for her family Iam very very sorry for this poor girl that now’s not with us because this criminal beast killi her for such an stupidity. I only would like to tell his next victim, his wife,,HONEY WATCH ALWAYS OVER YOUR SHOULDER this animal’s going to attack again.

  • Carmen

    Helloooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHATJUSTICE SYSTEM’RE YOU TALKING ABOUT, BECAUSES i SEE NO ONE AROUND.

  • dog


  • Lee Strausberg

    Legally released after serving his time he can live anywhere.

    He served the time he was obligated to serve. If you don’t like the amount he had to serve then get involved and elect politicians that will change it. Until then we follow the law.

  • dave

    legally released he should have been put to death

  • DrTMiller

    His wife Rachel should be removed from her position as assistant professor from the University of Hawaii school of Medicine!

  • Jim

    Legally released should never have happened to this guy. This jerk killed another innocent human being and there is absolutely no way he should get out of prison period !

  • tommy

    whats the outcry over? since when do we get to decide what happens to a person after he does his court imposed time? he served his sentence. like it or not that is what the COURT felt was appropriate. the man did his time. the fact that he is now going to live in hawaii has no bearing on the case. if you want a different judical system move out of the country and find a better
    one. i hear the middle -east is fair.

  • cubfan1949

    Let him go to Hawaii; gets him farther away from IL; it is outrageous that he can get out after only 12 years.

  • Just the Average Joe

    This is an excellent example of why the people have lost faith in the judicial system, a murderer get sentenced to 24 years, and out in 12. What do you think happens to all the other criminals that get sentenced for lesser crimes? Really, this is just another example of early release for criminals that victimize society, and do too little time for the crime they committed. Is this part of Quinn’s early release plan?

  • non-liberal

    What the hell is wrong with our courts, judges and politicians. This guy should have been put to death immediately!!!! We shouldn’t even be talking about him going to Hawaii. How absolutely desperate is the woman who is his current wife. Desperate and mentally unstable. She probably a fat pig who couldn’t get a man on the outside. Someone needs to be held accountable. Time for vigilante justice!!!!!

  • Yve

    White male college student. Did you really expect him to get life?

  • tom

    Rahm will fix everything

  • tommy gun

    the article isnt about the length of his sentence. yes its short but look up the average for killing a person. it was about 7 years in jail,yes 7 year average. regardless the article was abou tthis guy getting to live in hawaii after release…….its over,hes a free man,free to live anywhere he wants. we dont send paroles automatically to siberia.

  • melissa

    Your comment is disturbing. Just because the judge only sentenced him to 24 years, doesn’t make it right. He took the life of an innocent 18 year old girl and now gets to move on with his after serving only 12 years! Clearly, you do not have children. If you do, I hope that you never have to experience such a tragedy.

  • Rusty

    What pathetic soul makes the decision to marry a murderer behind bars?
    This guy should never see the light of day.
    His silly-a– wife deserves to be removed from her position for making such a poor decision. It altogether reflects poorly upon the University.

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