University Defends Firing Of Gay Employee

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Roman Catholic officials are defending Benedictine University’s actions leading up to the departure of the school’s education director.

The State Journal-Register in Springfield reports Laine Tadlock was forced out last month, or resigned according to the university, because her wedding to partner, Kae Helstrom, was announced in the newspaper. The women were married in Iowa.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield says Benedictine officials decided it would not be consistent with the university’s mission as a Catholic institution for Tadlock to continue in her job. He says Tadlock rejected a new position the school offered her, which officials considered a resignation.

Paprocki says it was her public disregard “for fundamental Catholic beliefs,” not her sexual orientation, that guided the university’s decision-making.

Tadlock says she has no regrets about publishing her wedding announcement.

  • RJ

    “Fundamental Catholic beliefs”? Does that include the sexual molestation of children by catholic priests?

  • sogone2

    A number of common practices are inconsistent with “fundamental Catholic beliefs”, such as premarital sex, divorce, smoking, drinking to excess, tattoos, etc. Not to mention the Ten Commandments, which seem to have fallen by the wayside in today’s society. Should the school seek out all employees whose actions are inconsistent with the church’s beliefs and fire them as well? They would probably have to let the entire faculty go! As a gay Catholic myself, I am outraged that that the church, or anyone, would use this as an excuse to discriminate. What’s next? Pulling pork from the cafeteria menu?

  • Donelle

    First of all, if I was hired as a church secretary I would not get a nose ring and a lip ring. Part of the territory of working for a conservative organization is you just don’t do certain things. I am not saying those things like gay marriage are wrong. I have some very beautiful gay friends. Wonderful people. Nothing against their finding love and someone to spend their life with.
    That being said there are a lot of liberal Universities to work for if someone wants to have a more open liberal lifestyle.
    All sides of this coin have a right to operate under the guidelines they see fit. Just because I accept that lifestyle from people does not mean an organization that is on the conservative side has to.

    Regarding priests. I’m no where near a go to church every Sunday person. However, studies done have shown it is not always the priest that is a molester. What happened with the priests and the cover up witth the Archdiocese is wrong. There are several wonderful priests in the world too.
    I’m not going to spend anymore time on this topic not because I think I’m wrong but bringing up priest molestationis is a childish retort meant to demean a Conservative University’s right to believe what they choose. It is horrendous what happened to people, however, that does not take away from the fact that a Conservative organziation has a right to it’s beliefs. I am sure the University does not support priests being molesters.

    • SAUL

      My feelings exactly.
      THIS is a true and correct statement.
      Does anyone protest when an officer of any military branch is disciplined or even discharge because he or she refuses to pay a debt to a creditor? It’s called: “UNBECOMING AN OFFICER.”

      • Joshua

        I see what you mean. They broke a rule that they agreed to uphold and now they are seen as UNBECOMING in their position.
        Good point!!

  • Catholic irony

    Isn’t it ironic that the very thing they ban is the very thing that has caused their huge problems.

    Second irony the catholic church bans all forms of sex for their priests. Haven’t we learned sex in some form is an unstoppable reality in all humans.

    Good luck w that plan in the future!!!

  • Pat Mojarro

    Did the university not notice her fundamental beliefs BEFORE she made a public commitment to the person she loves? Timing is everything, and this timing reeks of discrimination. What happened to Christian tolerance? What happened to treating people as you want to be treated? What would Jesus do? He would love her and respect her as a creature made in the image and likeness of his Father. And as God made her, who is mankind to say God did not make her just the way she is to TEST if the church is following his command to love one another as he loves you? Stop being Hypocrates and judgemental. You will pay for it later.

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