Hall-of-Fame quarterback Troy Aikman joined the Mully & Hanley Show as he does every Monday and weighed in on how good he thinks the Bears really are.

“You know, we’ve played half the season yet we’re still not exactly sure what they are,” Aikman said. “But they’re in a great position. I think coming into this season if someone had said they would be 6-3 after nine games and tied for the lead within the NFC North everyone would be pretty excited about that.”

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Aikman had good things to say about the Bears defense, saying there are enough playmakers on that side of the ball to keep the Bears in every game.

“The defense is what is going to give this team a chance to win a lot of games,” he said. “It’s overall, a very solid group and a group that is always going to keep that team in it regardless of how their offense may be playing.”

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