By Adam Harris-

After today’s loss to the Bears, Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Brett Favre addressed the media like he normally does, but something seemed off.

His thirteen plus minute press conference included many pauses, long answers, and personal reaffirmation about his decision to come back this year, actually speaking for two minutes and twenty seconds straight about it.

“The downs make the ups feel a lot better,” Favre said. “It makes you appreciate games like last week. Makes you appreciate seasons like last year…Yeah, am I trying to talk myself into how this feels right now to a little better feeling? Probably so, but it’s true.”

Without being asked another question, Favre went on to talk about regrets.

“The wins like last week, the seasons like last year are what makes my decision to come back the right decision.” Favre said with many pauses and long stares. “Again there are no guarantees. I’ll never look back, I’ll do what I can do, and so be it. I don’t regret one bit [my decision], and as I stand here before you, you guys are going to write what you want to write and say what you want to say, ‘he shouldn’t have, he should have [come back]…’ but I’m glad I came back. I wish we were in a different situation, but I’m glad I came back.”

Favre’s antics, pauses and stares, combined with what he said reminded me of his press conference when he first retired from the Packers. While watching the press conference after the game today, I almost expected Favre to retire on the spot.

The fact that he rambled for two minutes and twenty seconds defending his decision gives me reason to think he is not comfortable with what he decided. He seemed like he was trying to convince himself that he made the right decision to come back.

Favre is showing classic cases of denial, and he is trying to convince himself he still wants to be on the football field.

“We are running out of games. At the rate we are playing, it wont take but a couple more [losses] and we will be out of it. That’s just being honest. I don’t know how to sugar coat it.”

The Minnesota Vikings are in major trouble. There were talks this week about the players revolting against their coach, and now there will be talks about their quarterback “leader” giving up on the team and the Vikings’ season.

“I dont know. I can only speak for what I do and that’s not good enough,” Favre said when asked if he thought the Vikings would make the playoffs…”If I had to gauge today I would say no. I am not writing us off, but guys in that locker room after the game spoke all the clichés…”

“Will we make the playoffs? I have no idea, and for anyone in that locker room to think beyond next week, and do a little self-evaluation, we will be watching the playoffs. That’s a better guess than making the playoffs and that’s just being honest.”

When things get tough, Favre seems to run and hide. This is what he showed after the game today. He seems to have given up on the team and the season.

I have always been a Brett Favre supporter, even with his back and forth retirements, and unretirements throughout the years, but how this season has gone, and watching and listening to him today I am officially off the wagon. There is no more defending of Brett Favre.

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