Park Ridge Cop Accused Of Beating Teens

PARK RIDGE (WBBM) — A Park Ridge police lieutenant has been indicted on multiple charges of battery and official misconduct for allegedly beating two teenagers who damaged his personal car four years ago.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports that 39-year-old Lt. Jason Leavitt is a 16-year veteran of the Park Ridge Police Department.

In 2006, Leavitt was off duty and driving by a cemetery on Touhy when kids shot out the back window of his car with a sling shot.

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Cook County prosecutors say Leavitt caught one of them and beat the teenager unconscious. The beating continued, they say, until a responding officer pulled Leavitt off. Then he hit the handcuffed teen again.

Other officers caught the second suspect. And, according to the indictment, he was on the ground in handcuffs when Leavitt started kicking him in the back of the head.

Prosecutors say the beating continued in the back of a squad car. Both of the teenagers were taken to the Park Ridge police station, but their cases were later dismissed.

One of the suspects was treated for a concussion the day after the incident, prosecutors said.

The case wasn’t brought to prosecutors’ attention until last year.

  • southside

    Sounds like the punks got off easy.

  • concerned

    kids got what they deserve…….

  • Way smartert than 'southside'

    Granted the kids never should have shot out the window. No argument. But, whatever happened to let the punishment fit the crime? Beating a kid unconscious? Hitting him while in handcuffs? Kicking him in the back of the head? Jason Leavitt must have had some real pieces of work for parents. He should be handcuffed and let the kid’s parents beat him and then kick him in the back of the head. Seems he doesn’t use if for anything better than a hat rack anyway. Congratulations Park Ridge Police Department! An officer like that must make you all very proud!! My sympathies to the fine community of Park Ridge. They deserve much better. And why is it that this P.O.S. with a badge and a gun is NOT behind bars?

  • FR

    Graduates of the police academy should be sent to jail for 6 months for the future crimes that they will commit as cops. Add this to why I have zero respect for cops.

  • banana

    FR- As you have zero respect for cops, please make sure you don’t ever call them when you’re sorry ass is getting attacked, or you need any sort of assistance, as people like you love to bash the police until you need them for something.
    The officer was completely wrong in his actions, but that doesn’t mean that all police officers should be judged the same.
    Your comment was very ignorant.

  • FR

    Hey Banana, my high taxes pay the cops.

  • elginman

    What appears to be the “norm” regarding allegations of police misconduct is evident here. Why would it take 4 years to prosecute this cop, and, why were charges against the victims dropped. If there is a trial, the verdict should be interesting.

  • TIM

    What I want to know is how good looking is the cop? Is he hairy? cause Id meet him in a cemetary late at night and show him how appreciative a person can be for all they do.

  • Gee-reg

    Hey F.R Since you don’t respect all the cops PLEASE do not ever call the cops for any thing And please tell all of your family members that they should never call the police That’s right please ignore all the police and then take a walk into a ghette in the night time and regardless of what haoppens please do not call for the police And remember just a small fraction of tax dollars pay the police Most of the tax dollars go to support people to sit around all day and get high and drunk (welfare)

  • Woodridgite

    Ah, my favorite stock photo of the man with two left hands!

  • tom

    This would mever happen on the west side those kids could easly outrun a white police officer

  • Street Cop.

    Tom your wrong I’m one White cop that can run.and when I catch them chimps they wished they would have stood still.

  • ParkRidgeAvenger

    Lt. Robert France trained Leavitt and Robert Kampwirth. Ray Wolff is a P.R. fireman. The 2009 Park Ridge Police Audit names France on pgs. 27-28 as pulling his gun on several teenage boys. The Farleys know the boys and their parents. Jack Hegler is the other boy beaten by Leavitt. They should come forward. France has a history of abuse of juveniles and filing false reports. Former Deputy Chief Tom Swoboda investigated France for harassment and witness intimidation. Anyone wishing to understand police corruption in Park Ridge must look at the record of Robert France. Was he on duty the night of Oct. 27, 2006?

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