In last week’s game against the Tennessee Titans, the Miami Dolphins lost their staring and backup quarterback to injury. However, Tyler Thigpen was able to lead the team to a win and will most likely be the starting quarterback against the Bears. The fact that the Bears may see a third string quarterback doesn’t seem like it will affect the Bears’ focus this week.

“They have the same running backs, same receivers and the same offensive line,” Brian Urlacher said. “They’re pretty talented at skill positions so it’s the same for us. It doesn’t matter who’s their quarterback. We need to try and stop the run if we can [and] put them in third and long [as much] as possible.”

There’s no doubt that the Bears’ defensive players and coaches will be focused on shutting down the Dolphins running attack. In the last two games between the Bears and Dolphins, the Bears’ defense has allowed 409 combined rushing yards.

“They pounded us last time,” Urlacher said. “I think we were 6-0 or 7-0 playing here at home, and they came in and beat us. I think [Ronnie Brown] ran for 150 yards or something, they beat us pretty good. We haven’t had a good history with them. We played them on Monday night [in 2002] and Ricky Williams ran for 200 and something yards. So we haven’t had good games against them in the past.”

With so many injuries at the quarterback position, the Bears are likely to have plenty of chances to stop the run.

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