CHICAGO (WBBM) — Mount Prospect police say a scam artist is knocking on doors in the northwest suburbs, trying to con people out of some cash.

The man appears at the front door, claims that he has been in an auto accident, seeks money to get his car towed and asks to be allowed into the home to use the phone.

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Mount Prospect Police Officer Greg Sill says that in one instance, a woman gave him some cash then figured out she’d been scammed when the man left and she saw no tow truck arrive.

In another case, Sill says the homeowner offered to go to the accident scene but was told “never mind” by the man.

Sill says the woman let the man into her home, which worries police, although Sill said it does not appear that the man took anything else from the home.

Police are checking to see if any similar scams have happened in nearby communities. Sill advises anyone approached in such a way to get the man’s description and call 911.

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