(WBBM) –-In 1994, fire destroyed millions of dollars in dresses at Volle’s Bridal and Boutique in Lake Zurich. Owner Kerry Dean says it was quite an ordeal and she had some advice for brides-to-be panicked by a fire at Eva’s Bridals in Oak Lawn.

“We couldn’t use our phones for two weeks because thousands of people flooded our lines so we had to bring in special lines. In our situation, the police had to control the crowds for 2 weeks,” said Dean.

Dean says there are ways to help the clients in a timely manner. “They need to know there is a solution. There’s a solution to their dress being evaporated. We survived our fire and we survived making certain that all customers were helped, given refunds, dresses found, we flew all over the U.S. getting this done for these brides. It took us six months to do,” added Dean.

He says the first step is not to panic. He advises if you are a bride who has lost her dress to ask the company to get a refund.

“You have to do this first because you’ll most likely need to find another dress immediately if you have an upcoming wedding.”

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