Team Needs To Tap Into Last Week's Focus And Effort

The Bears have had a lot on their table with just a few short days to recover from last week’s game and prepare for the Miami Dolphins. One thing that has had to be on the minds of Bears players and coaches, is the fact that the Dolphins are dealing with some serious injuries to several key players.

Mully and Hanley asked Bears analyst Tom Thayer if those injuries could lead to the Bears relaxing and taking the Dolphins for granted.

“My concern about being in a trap game, it’s not necessarily the effort that they’re going to give tonight,” Thayer said. “It’s flying down [to Miami]. You get here [and] it’s 80 degrees. They’re staying right on the ocean front [and] its beautiful surroundings.”

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“You don’t want to think too far ahead. You don’t want to think about tonight, tomorrow and the weekend. You want to make sure that your concentration is only concentrated on [the game].”

To that effort, the coaching staff needs to make sure that the players stay focused and enter the game prepared to take care of business.

“[The Bears] still have a meeting to go though. You still learn something from a little tape session. the coaches are going to going to give you their final remarks about how to be prepared for tonight’s game. And I just don’t want them to skip a beat, because when you go back and watch the effort that they gave against Minnesota. The effort was so appreciated because it was a factor in the game.”

The focus and preparation will be most important for the offensive line, who may have put together their best game of the season last week.

“Last week, when you go down and you break [that] game down it is by far the best game the offensive line has every played as a unit. So they need to continue to build on that.”


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