Walter: Passenger Screening Too Invasive? Relax

A lot of crabby travelers this holiday are moaning and groaning about security at airports: Don’t want to go through those Peeping Tom screening machines. Sure don’t want a pat down.

And, as expected, the American Civil Liberties Union is now griping that some security checks are strip searches, but saying nothing about the holiday high terror alert, or about the El Qaeda guy on that crowded flight to Detroit last Christmas with a bomb in his underpants.

The complainers are whining that it’s bad enough that briefcases and purses are being screened and searched. They do not want bodies being screened or searched -– no looking at pictures of bodies on screening machines. Or, touching a bod? Are you kidding? That’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s uncomfortable.

And it’s becoming a national problem –- security vs. privacy -– for which I’d like to suggest a solution: a new airline. Let’s call it Highrisky.

Pay a bit more and don’t be screened or searched or even asked what you’re carrying onboard. Just walk on, and welcome aboard, everybody: Have a good flight.

  • Stephen Lewis

    The American public are being subjected to greater invasion of privacy because foreign airports failed to screen passengers coming to this country. Please provide an example of a passenger, boarding a plane in the United States and carrying out a terrorist attack since 9/11. I haven’t heard of any such attack and do not feel we need to up the security measures at US airports for US flights because other nations are not capable and not willing to screen passengers better who are flying to the United States.


    Ya right Walter. Has your wife been patted down on the way to a vacation because of the underwire in her Bra? My wife was last year & the stupid female TSA Agent couldn’t figure this out? Give me a break. It almost ruined our vacation . I couldn’t talk to her for hours. Maybe you like being groped by a male TSA agent who knows. I hope the whole damn country refuses to get patted down come Thanksgiving. What are they going to do arrest thosands of people? I don’t think so. Enough is Enough!!! Sooner rather than later the airlines are going to be hurting even more as peple start refusing to put up with this BS.

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