CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel responded Sunday to comments made by Carol Moseley Braun and others on Saturday, during her formal announcement of her run for mayor of Chicago.

“I find it a bit ironic that the former senator Carol Moseley Braun made that attack,” said Rahm Emanuel.

On Sunday, former chief of staff of President Barack Obama struck back. He was really responding to a statement made by Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval.

“A month before the midterm elections he abandons the president for his personal ambitions and chose not to stand by our man, Barack Obama. Is that the loyalty we want for Chicago? No,” Sandoval said Saturday at Carol Moseley Braun’s formal campaign announcement.

Sandoval may have made the comment yesterday but Emanuel accused Carol Moseley Braun of saying the same thing in the past, and he then questioned her loyalty to President Obama.

“In July of 2008, after the president had secured the nomination, she did not take the opportunity to support him,” said Emanuel. “She took a pass on that and said she was out of politics. I think voters will look at our choices.”

Emanuel shook hands with voters at a South Side restaurant after meeting with a small group of community leaders to talk about fighting crime and economic development.

It’s a similar theme in commercials he’s running; commercials that Braun has attacked.

The commercials tell voters “We gotta decide whether we’re gonna continue to be a great city or become a second-tier city.”

Braun said the ads “pose a completely false premise.”

“Let me tell you, Chicago will always be a great city because its people will tolerate nothing less,” said Braun.

In response to Braun’s attack, Emanuel said Sunday, “First of all, I think Chicago is a first-class, world-class city, but nothing stays the way it is and nothing’s guaranteed.”

Emanuel also made a point of saying that he was honored to have served in the Obama administration.

CBS 2 reached out to Braun for comment but was unable to reach her.

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