Team Is Focused On Winning Games

It’s only Monday and already the talk has started that this week will show what kind of team the Bears really are. But it also seems like that was the same thing being said going into the Vikings game…and the Dolphins game.

“Every week it’s ‘we’ll see what thery’re really made of this week,'” Israel Idonije said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And when we win that game and it’s ‘alright well we’ll see how they do in this next game.’ And that’s fine. In-house, here, we know what we’re all about. We know what this defense, what this team is all about and how good we really can be. And that’s our focus”

LISTEN: Israel Idonije On The Mully And Hanley Show

This is nothing new, every year the Bears take an “us against the world” attitude. They only worry about what happens inside their own doors and make that their sole focus.

“We can’t really deal with all the naysayers and we just have to stay focused on what we do.”

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