Right Now Bears Don't Have To Worry About Tiebreakers

By virtue of their win over the Green Bay Packers earlier in the season, if the season were to end today the Bears would win the division. Because of that fact, the Bears control their own destiny and don’t have to worry about what other teams are doing.

“[The Bears] have kind of celebrated the fact that they control their own destiny right now, and their absolutely right,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “But you start losing a couple more conference games and they you better just put your focus on the Green Bay Packers and do all you can to finish ahead of them. Because that’s the situation they’re going to be in.”

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Over the course of their remaining six games, the Bears schedule gets much more challenging. After playing the Eagles this week, the Bears will have to play the Patriots and Jets while still having all three divisional road games on the schedule.

“They’re not going to want to be in a tiebreaker with a team coming out of another division and see how that breaks down,” Biggs said. “Could they win a tiebreaker with someone? Absolutely, but the loss to Washington and then the loss to Seattle don’t put you in a good position if you were to lose a couple more NFC games.”

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