Man Brutally Beats Dog

A 350-pound man could face felony charges for allegedly beating his dog so hard that she lost several teeth.

AURORA, Ill. (STWM) – A 350-pound west suburban man was arrested for punching his dog so hard, it lost teeth.

Phillip Rinn, of the 300 block of South Kendall Street, was charged last week with misdemeanor cruelty to animals, the Kane County sheriff’s office said.

At 8:30 a.m. Nov. 15, deputies were called for the report of a man beating a dog. Investigators determined that the 6-foot, 350-pound Rinn was punching a 1-year-old Lab-shepherd mix named Magda, deputies said. The dog had several broken teeth and was taken to the VAC Aurora Animal Hospital for treatment.

Police said the animal is expected to recover.

The Kane County state’s attorney’s office is reviewing the case and may upgrade the charge to a felony, police said. .

In 1993, Rinn pleaded guilty to cruelty to an animal. Police said Rinn admitted to chaining his dog, “Royal,” by the neck and driving off in his car, dragging the dog down Peck Road in an attempt to kill it.

When the dog didn’t die, police said Rinn told them he pulled over, ran over the dog and left it in a ditch. Rinn explained he was mad at the dog because it had chewed his car’s vinyl roof and tried to bite his wife, police said.

There was a large outcry when the charges became public. Rinn said he got death threats and letters at his home. Even before his trial, he told The Beacon-News the death was an isolated incident blown out of proportion.

“I’m not some dog killer who did some sick deed,” he said at the time. “I like dogs as much as anyone.”

At his sentencing, Rinn said he was taking a rabid dog to the vet to be put down when it attacked. He ran it over with the car, he said, because he had no other options. The judge didn’t believe his story.

Rinn was sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years’ probation, a $500 fine and 100 hours of community service. Rinn also had to promise never to mistreat an animal.

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  • TLW

    Agree with the writer above–what a slob. Someone ought to tie him to the back of a car and run him over a few times. Any ass who does this to an animal likely has no more compassion for human beings. I hope the legal system is smart enough to do a hell of a lot more to him this stime.

  • KWeber

    This guy needs to be dragged by a chain while a car is at a speed of 100 miles an hour….and then he should be beaten with the chain if he didn’t already die from the above…..

  • Skip

    “Rinn was sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years’ probation, a $500 fine and 100 hours of community service. Rinn also had to promise never to mistreat an animal.”

    That’s ridiculous. How about two years in jail and 30 days probation?

    Let me have this guy for a day or two. I’d even rent a tow truck just to drag his fat @ss around for awhile and we can call it even.

  • Skip

    Well which is is?

    “There was a large outcry when the charges became public. Rinn said he got death threats and letters at his home. Even before his trial, he told The Beacon-News the death was an isolated incident blown out of proportion.

    What Death? I mean come on. Is this the news or is it not?

    “Police said the animal is expected to recover.”

    Believe none of what you read and only half of what you see.
    Especially if it’s coming from channel two.

    • Kar

      THIS one is expected to recover! The other one wasn’t so lucky!

      • Skip

        Got it. Didn’t read it right the first time.

  • dan

    he should be put down

  • Kar

    This is an outrage! Along with the last punishment he should NOT have been allowed to own another pet! Jail will be good for him, he can lose some weight, and see what it is like to be beat…and worse!!!

  • Monica Herman

    OMG!!! I can’t believe this jerk was even allowed to own another dog! How dare him drag a dog behind his car & then run it over only to beat the teeth out of another dog! I hope he’s committed other crimes so this can be his 3rd strike! Throw his fat self in jail & throw away the keys!! This is an outrage to ALL dog lovers!! If I didn’t already have a house full of pups & their daddy I’d sure go & adopt this poor dog. Dog’s have feelings too! I hope this dog gets adopted by a loving family!

  • Kathie

    I say eye for an eye!! What a piece of garbage this guy is!!!

  • Lucky's Owner

    My Goodness!!!! What the hell is wrong with people when they do things like that to an animal?? If you’re unhappy with the dog, please give it away. Dogs chew things. I’m sorry about his designer vinyl roof in his vintage 1985 POS; or whatever he was driving. I’m judging here, but based on this guys mug shot, I’m willing to bet he was driving around in anything luxurious anyway. My heart is torn for that dog and any dog that has to face that kind of abuse. I’m with the posters screaming “An eye for an eye”. Payback is fair game.

    Some dogs can be very vicious. I know that to be true. When they attack a child or any person, I agree that they should be put down. This sounds like overkill to me and it breaks my heart.

    Burn in hell, Rinn!!!!!

  • Lucky's Owner

    (Correction) ^^^ he wasn’t driving around

  • Shlee

    Someone that obviously likes to have control over someone/some poor thing. What an animal. I hope he has a great Thanksgiving! Big Turkey.

    My heart goes out to the poor animals that have had to live with this monster. No telling what he does to them on a daily basis!

  • Sabrinaknowsthetruth

    Hello im Sabrina Rinn, Daughter of Phil Rinn. When you Adopt Magda i hope you enjoy her as much as i did, shes quite a Goofy little thing and a joy to have. What my father did was no doubt wrong, but please understand that my father has been through alot througout his whole life time and his seen somethings you couldent even imagine. He and my mother are no longer together and she is no monster and i find it very rude of you to just put her into something she has no part in. My father is a great guy altough he has made a great deal of mistakes, please understand that he deserves some HELP something nobody has ever considered giving him. Im only in the 10th grade and i’d hate to see my dad go anywere when hes always been there throughout my whole life. he needs HELP! Who are you to come up and claim my father has beatten my mother? fact is my father has never beaten my mother. and a bigger fact is my father has never beaten me. hes made a mistake twards an animal. realize the media makes things look worse that they already are. So go adopt Magie and i hope shes a joy to you and your husband and who ever else is on your house, but please never again assume that someone is a horrible person based off of what you may read in the paper because things arent as they seem. thank you for you time.

    • CeCe

      Please let me know if this dog needs a safe and caring home.

    • Jim Richards

      You’re as pathetic as your fat oaf dumbazz brother, you puke.





  • Jim

    What a Donkey, I will take the animal and give it a home with my dog so This animal ( referring to Chubby), never has to go through that again. Wow, instead he should have been running wth the dog, lol. enough joking know, I hope there is a petition somewhere where he rots in jail. What a shame, all that animal wanted or any aminal for that matter is to be loved. Why did he do it? What is the purpose behind it? Ask yourself why? That is what’s wrong with this vicious world, it’s the nature of the beast to prey on the week. Come to my house and hit my dog, we will see who’s the week…

    Frustrated dog lover, Jim

  • vt

    Sorry Sabrina. I encountered your dad at an adoption facility attempting to obtain a dog a couple of years ago and although I did not know of his violent and abusive history, it was obvious to me that he should NOT have an animal. Luckily no adoption took place that time, but he made quite an impression on me (not in a good way) and I immediately recognized him when I saw this news story. He did not “make a mistake towards an animal;” he beat the F out of it! He should be convicted of what needs to be upgraded to a class X felony and NEVER left alone with an animal or child (remember this when YOU have children) and NEVER NEVER NEVER allowed to own any animal. I personally charge YOU with making sure he never has another animal. Do not back down. Your dad needs help, but this is NO EXCUSE! He obviously cannot control his anger. If you want to keep him from getting into trouble, it is up to YOU.

    • Kar

      VT….you’re horrible! How are you going to hold his daughter responsible for “keeping him getting into trouble.”? You’re a nut case all by itself! Sabrina….we don’t all get the “Father’s Know Best” dads, but sweetie, you are not guilty of anything your dad did. Try to keep yourself separated from his short comings, and concentrate on your and his strengths. vt is very ignorant for trying to hold you responsible for your dad’s actions. I am sorry you have to go through this, but if you take all of the negatives in your life and turn them into positives, you’ll have a lot to offer society. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOUR DAD HAS DONE! You need more help than her, VT!

  • Rita Barrick

    OMG>>>>>this guy should stay in jail……..he has a horrible meaness……..

  • Alyson

    This excuse for a man is SICK and should be punished with the full force of the law. Even then it will not be enough. He needs to be stopped NOW before any more animals suffer and before he escalates his violence to people. There are no excuses for any of this.

  • Claudia

    Phillip Rinn is the worst kind of offender — the kind who visits violence on the weak and helpless. He will say anything to excuse his behavior. Of course he has lied….and will again. He should be charged with a felony and the maximum sentence should be imposed. He chained Royal to his car and dragged him for miles. Then when he saw that Royal wasn’t quite dead, he removed the chain and deliberately drove over him until he was dead. He beat Magda so badly that he broke 5 of her teeth. What kind of man does these things? Rinn is a despicable excuse for a human being. He should be separated from society. It is way past time for us, as a society, to say, “ENOUGH!”

  • Jim Richards

    Someone needs to find this Rinn guy and tie him to a car and drag him until he’s dead…
    OK, we can’t kill him, but there HAS to be something we can do to this ignorant oat.
    Does anyone own any dogs that will attack on cue?

  • Jim Richards

    Personally, I will investigate where this guy works and anything I can find. Even though I weight half what this fat oaf weighs, he’ll be sorry I read this article.

  • Jim Richards

    If anyone has any info in Rinn, find me on Facebook. I spend a lot of time in Chicago.

  • Jim Richards

    Does anyone know where or if this idiot works?
    We’ll have to let the public know that this company hired him, if there is one.

  • jeff

    Give him a break, the dog chewed up his car , probably deserved it.

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  • Good Guy John

    I worked with this idiot and never knew he was like this. he should pay for his wrong doings. They let him go at work caus to many pepole complained aboubt him being a animal abuser. but please dond diss his daughter it’s not her fault her dad has problems.

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