Can Cutler Reach The Manning And Brees Level?

Peyton Manning is a Hall of Fame quarterback, not only because he has elite physical talent, but also because he puts in the hours in the off-season watching film and studying the playbook. Here in Chicago, we know that Jay Cutler has all the physical tools to be an elite quarterback, but some people have doubted his classroom work ethic.

“My understanding is that he did the work this off-season,” Hub Arkush said when talking about Cutler’s off-season mental preparation. “Now, was he the fanatic that a Peyton Manning is? I doubt that, there’s only one Peyton Manning. But he was allegedly there from the beginning. He was there early and was there late this off-season, and has been since the season started.”

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“That’s put him in the group where all the $15 million a year quarterbacks should be. Can he take the next step to be a Peyton Manning, to be a Drew Brees, to be a Phillip Rivers? That we don’t know and I’m not sure of.”

Cutler has made significant progress this year in terms of his decision making. Considering that he has done that while trying to pick up a complex offensive scheme is even more impressive. If Cutler can continue to develop under, and learn the Martz offense, he might not be too far off from the next level of quarterbacks.

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