Schuster: The Bears…It’s Time To Start Believing

By David Schuster–

Ok, be honest. How many of you actually thought the Bears would be 8-3 at this point of the season? I certainly didn’t. In fact they have already surpassed the amount of victories I predicted before the season even started.

But even the hard core fans couldn’t have envisioned that this Bears team would be all alone atop the division with 5 games to go. And it’s doubtful they thought that the Bears would pretty much dominate the Eagles on Sunday. And dominate they did.

Jay Cutler tied his career high with 4 touchdown passes as he finished with a quarterback rating of 146. Throw in Matt Forte’s 117 yards rushing and no turnovers by the offense and this unit finally carried their full weight.

As for the defense, they sacked Michael Vick 4 times and came up with the first interception of Vick this season. The pick came from Chris Harris after the pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage by Tommie Harris. Lovie Smith called it the biggest play of the game and he was right as it stopped Philadelphia from scoring on one side of the field and then Cutler marched his team the other way for a quick touchdown.

Coupled with Green Bay’s last second loss at Atlanta, the Bears now lead the Packers by one game in the NFC North.  The two teams square off in the final game of the season but next up is a return battle with the Lions in Detroit next Sunday.

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  • puddin' head

    where are all the nay-sayers ? come on you know who you are…no comments today ? Ha Ha

    • Greg, Champaign

      Well, look below, Jon from Montgomery is a dyed in the wool naysayer. I think if the Bears won the Superbowl this season he would be upset because they weren’t supposed to be able to do it.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        hey, i’m not a bears fan, okay. i’m just saying how i feel about the bears, did anybody expect the bears to have an 8-3 record at this point in the season? i think you’d be lying if you said yes. and i guess knox was down, the eagles are dumb for not touching him anyway, lol. and i’m NOT AGAINST the bears, i’ll be happy if they win the super bowl, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they only win the lions game and then fall off the table, it’s still possible. i just don’t want bears fans to get over-hopeful about a team making a serious playoff run when that team is still the same chicago bears team we all saw come out of training camp who we thought wouldn’t be very good.

        sorry if offend anybody, that’s just my un-biased opinion, enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    I’m a nay-sayer, I still don’t believe the bears are going anywhere even IF they get in the playoffs. yeah, you guys can all jump on the bandwagon if you want, but I’m staying with my feet firmly planted in reality. bears aren’t as good as the 8-3 record they have. the only good part about this bears team is their defense, the offense is still a big issue and won’t be this potent in every game. the bears are still the same team that I saw in training camp. I will not back the bears unless they convincingly beat the patriots, I’ll talk to you when that happens.

    by the way, the eagles recovered that final onside kick, knox was never touched down by contact and he dropped the ball thinking the play wad over, but it should’ve been eagles ball. but they wouldn’t review it. bunch of BS officiating again.

    I’ll say it again, bears are lucky to be 8-3.

    • Greg, Champaign

      Knox was clearly touched on the foot by an Eagles player before he let go of the ball. It was a one-hand tap, but that’s all that was needed. Have fun in your “I still think the Bears stink” cave. They may not win another game this season, although I think they will, but you, you can’t bring yourself to enjoy a dominating victory over one of the NFC’s most dynamic teams? What you have your feet planted firmly in is pessimism. I doubt you’ll have a lot of company in your cave.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        i don’t need to be in a cave to feel the way i do, do i? :(


        no, but seriously, enjoy the bears, i hope they win the super bowl, i just don’t think they will, they’re a nice surprise for most people who thought the bears would be under .500 at this point. but with the packers piling up injuries and brett favre killing his own team, the bears are all alone in first place my friend.

        again, i’ll believe the bears are for REAL, like they could make a deep playoff run REAL, IF they beat the patriots.

        but just to make it clear, i’m happy for the bears, i’m just skeptical.

    • Chillicothe

      watch the replay jon an eagles player touches his foot when he is on his back down by contact bears win

    • Haluk

      sorry but if knox doesnt advance with the ball, he is ruled down so HA to you my friend. YOUR RECORD NEVER LIES!!!!

  • Garret, Kenosha, WI

    You can bet teams around the league have put the Bears on their radar scope after they showed everyone how to beat Michael Vick and the Eagles defense. They are playing “TEAM” ball. Everyone is contributing and its shows. GO BEARS!

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  • Truckerman45

    Da Bears ain’t going nowhere they are the most lop sided bunch of football players,
    Lotta football left and they will end up 8-8 see you all in GREEN BAY where Da Bears will lose BIG time. this time.. Hibernate with your fans already it’s winter! !

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