Bears Now Have Great QB And Offensive Coordinator

Mike Martz came under a great deal of criticism early in the season. The offense was struggling and it was thought that Martz was either incapable or too stubborn to change from his traditional offensive schemes.

But with four consecutive wins, and an offense that continues to improve, the criticism of Martz has subsided. There are some who feel that Martz was always the right man for the job and there are those who feel he was forced to change his play calling. Troy Aikman is a member of the first group.

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“I believe that Mike Martz was a great hire, especially when you have invested that much into the quarterback. Some people may argue that point, but I’ve said this many many times. I think Mike Martz is a terrific offensive guy,” Aikman said.

The improvements that Jay Cutler has made this season have to be attributed partly to Martz. And those improvements, and the wins, have helped to not only alter the perception of the Bears, but also to Cutler.

“Right now I think people are maybe starting to change their opinion of Jay Cutler. And most of their opinion here over the last year and a half to two years has been predominately based on his demeanor more so than performance. Even though last season was not a real good year.”

Criticism of Cutler’s demeanor, facial expressions and body language have been present Cutler’s entire time here in Chicago. But just like any other criticism, they will fade with on-field success.

“He has to overcome that [criticism], and he will overcome that as long as he continues to play well. Because at the end of the day, performance is all anybody care about.”

The same can be said about Martz, who started his Bears coaching career under criticism of his scheme being too complicated and not the style the Bears traditionally play. But just like with Cutler, the wins have quieted the critics.

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