Maine South Football Champs May Face Sanctions

PARK RIDGE, Ill. (WBBM) – Maine South High School in Park Ridge faces possible sanctions after its football team won its third consecutive state championship this weekend.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty reports, the Illinois High School Association has asked members of the Maine South administration and football coaching staff to answer questions at an ISHA board meeting in two weeks.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty Reports

The school is to finish with an investigation and be prepared to talk about the counterfeit sideline passes that were distributed at the state finals at the University of Illinois this past weekend.

In a statement, the IHSA says it takes the abuses very seriously, since they could be a safety issue and provide a competitive advantage.

There is no word on what the sanctions might be.

Nancy Harty, WBBM Newsradio 780

  • D Barus

    This is sour grapes by someone. It is not like this was a big ten game with 80K-90K fans in the stadium. You could bowled in section of the stadium. This is way to big a venue for the state finals. They should be moved back to ISU and left there.

  • RKE

    Loyola is absolutely crying here. I was at the game and you should have seen how the assistant coaches were acting like crybabies after the game. The only one with class was the head coach.

    • SFC

      Being an alumni of Loyola, I wish it were them in the Championship game. (It was Mount Carmel)

  • jc

    fyi, if you were at the game then you would haven known that maine south played mt. carmel…not loyola

  • Ron B

    give them the death sentance.

    • KMB


  • nd

    even if this is true maine osuth shouldnt be stripped of the championship……. the people on the sideline had nothing to do with how the players played, besides the coaches of course

  • rke

    The problem was the venue was to small. With the number of fans that follow MS during the season, and the increase of interest in this rivalry, both sides were sure to bring out more fans that the Loyola stands could handle. There was just an overflow problem. The IHSA should have moved it to a neutral site, even near by New Trier. Its not like a pro or college game where there are only so many tickets and they shut the gates. I think the system needs to be looked at and not punish the kids on the field.

  • sabineraider

    This is typical of the lack of control that the MS coaches have on their players, staff and fans at all levels. They are the rudest an most inconsiderate of any team in the IHSA. STRIP them of the title and suspend them for at least a year.

    • Alex Figueroa

      Okay sabineraider, I have to say I’m a proud Maine South Hawk and for you to say they are the most rudest an most inconsiderate of any team is really messed up to say because you probably went to one of these schools and is just hurt that we beat you, we won that title fair and square it’s just that it was too small on the sidelines, so to strip us from our championship is crazy! And you’re saying to suspend for a year? Really? For what?

    • rke

      You should have seen how rude the loyola coaches were after the game. They showed no class. Catholics?

    • KMB

      Sabineraider – Are you stating fact or conjecture? I suspect the latter…..Back it up

    • HF


  • Right

    Learn grammar, Figueroa.

  • Joan

    The students should not have to suffer due to the stupidity of the adults that run the football program. Why does the Maine South coaching staff feel this sense of entitlement in not playing by the rules of the ISHA? Ther are so many positive teachable moments in High School athletics and look what these kids are taught. II’m glad they are being called to the carpet!

  • KMB

    Let me ask one question……….. Is this was your school, your son, or your coach, Would your opinion change?

  • David

    maybe because MS rushed their home field, prevented the handshakes between the teams, and were overall disrespectful to Loyola as well as the rules and authority of the IHSA, not even mentioning the conduct at the State Championship game. This behavior has gone on too long without punishment and MS deserves whatever punishment the IHSA decides on.

    • KMB

      So David………… Let’s turn the tables. Let’s say your team came back from a 9 point deficit with less than 5 minutes to play in the semi-final game of the state playoffs. Your in elementary or middle school and standing outside the end zone watching the clock tick down. There is no authority policing you from charging the field. 5-4-3-2-1………… Do you charge the field excited for your team or as a child do you wait while other kids your age charge midfield? If you are truthful, then I already know the answer…….. The FANs meant no disrespect to Loyola. It was a hard fought game. A great game. Somebody had to win and somebody had to lose. That’s sports.

  • all4trojans

    This school just believes it is above everything. This is the same guy (Issera) that used a Nazi phrase, “Hard work will set you free!” for a summer camp slogan. I guess money can’t buy class or morals.

  • Voice of Reason

    all4trojans, you are a complete idiot. Use your brain for once. Do you really think Inserra intentionally used a Nazi phrase for a summer camp? For what purpose? And what does money have to do with anything? Do you believe Inserra is wealthy? Get your head out of your ass!

    • all4trojans

      Fact is – he did use the Nazi phrase and was suspended for it! Get his head out of his arrogant ass! Is it his money- no the parents money and he will do anything to win. Amazing the he has been investigated on steroids ’09, Nazi phrases, and now this. Hmmm where there is smoke there is fire. He should be FIRED! Nice message he sends to kids. Pathetic. And if you back him then you are not the voice of reason your are the ASS! Maine South will do anything and pay anyting to win! Again, pathetic!

  • Debate

    #1) Get the full story before you believe a 1 sided news article.
    #2) Learn to hold a conversation like an adult before you decide to start, or enter, a debate.
    #3) Grammar?

  • KMB

    All4Trojans…..You are so right??????? You have may have cracked the conspiracy. Maine South and the community of 36,000+ in Park Ridge does believe they are above EVERYTHING. The school and the town are secretly planning to build a dynasty and take over the world in the meantime. Come visit the town and you will soon prove your theory.

    Safety Tip… Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you run your mouth. Come visit Park Ridge and see for yourself or look at some of the taped games and see how the head coach of the Maine South football team demonstrates sportsmanship to opposing players……hint… some plays that ended on the Maine South sideline on the Loyola game.

  • ling

    Sour grapes??? I am a resident of Park RIdge and ashamed of Maine South and the residents of Maine South who condone not adhering to policy or agreements just because it didn’t suit them. Shame on all of you who are minimizing the wrongness of this whole embarrassing mess – from the way the coach behaved and to all who were involved in such a deceitful incident. I praise the IHSA for investigating and trust they will make the best decision. If Maine South is found to be disobedient, let them suffer the consequences.

  • all4trojans

    KMB- I have been to Park Ridge and I know this coach personally. Where did I mention it is all of PR? I spoke of this coach and his followers. I know both sides of MS and there are some great people there- Coach is not one of them. He is so upstanding, then why is MS the only program to be investigated (twice) of all the State Champs in the last several years? As far as sideline behavior, it is easy to act properly when the cameras are on. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.

  • Brutus

    To all4trojans,

    Please think and get your facts in line and then make comments. The ’09 steroid thing? A sick Internet rumor! Do you have any idea who suspended David Inderra over the comments? Not the IHSA, not District 207, not even the Maine South Administration or Athletic Director. David suspended himself. You see, he really did not have ant idea what the statement meant and when he found out, he felt terrible enough about it to suspend himself over it!! You probably have never met him as a person where as I have known David for almost 30 years. David was the type of kids most parents wished their kids were like. David has always been a class individual. I may see him once or twice a year and even then he treats me as if we are the best of friends. Even the kids that play for him are that way. I’ll run into a former player of his and they would call me sir.
    As far as alumni standing on the sidelines, Wow! Every high school does it! I repeat every high school does it. Most of the time, the coaches don’t even know about it, as I have done it for a playoff game last year and none of the Maine South coaches knew I was there. The only differece is that this time they were caught. I really don’t believe a dozen or so alumni standing off to the side were going to make a difference in the outcome of the game…

  • all4trojans

    I have known Dave for a long time also. He is not a bad guy off the field but his actions are showing he is on the field. An internet rumor??? He was quoted in the paper after the investigation. Maybe he is buckling under parental pressure (that is specualtion); he would not be the first. Yes, all teams have alumni on their sidelines, but they do it within he rules. He broke the rules and there should be consequences to his actions.

  • MJL

    I can only comment on the Loyola game. There was no reason for Maine South to storm the field. This wasn’t the championship game. Maine South fans stormed the field after the Stevenson game also. Is it okay to do it after any playoff victory? I would hope not. One can also conjecture that some form of organization was involved. It was clear from my vantage point that they clearly had in mind to storm the field. It wasn’t as spontaneous as some have suggested. The fans stepped on and over the temporary boundaries while jostling for upfront positions while ignoring requests to stay back by stadium authorities. The first time they stormed the field I also saw several Maine South fans taunt Loyola players instead of congratulating their own players. Some Loyola staff where furious and tried to corral and herd the crowd off but only because the game wasn’t over yet. That can hardly be held against them. There was a lot of confusion on the field. It was also disappointing not to see the two teams shake hands. I don’t know what transpired between the coaches or players after the game but I would hope that each acted in the best interests of the sport. I have given up on the pros acting like gentlemen and have lost respect for the college game also. When Maine South fans engaged in a chant of BS over a call it made me cringe. I enjoy high school sports and hope it can police itself so that good sportsmanship is applauded as much as winning is. Maine South won a hard fought game and I tip my hat to them, but a little soul searching may be in order.

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