CHICAGO (CBS) – Say good-bye to spider veins! A newly approved treatment is helping patients show off their legs again. CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist shows us how it works.

Linda Schwartz is embarrassed by her legs and usually covers them up.

“I wouldn’t want to be seen in public,” she said.

The problem is spider veins that have been multiplying since she had her first child. Now, Linda wants to do something about it.

She’s come to Dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu, for a new FDA-approved treatment for spider veins called Asclera.

“It works with much less pain and stinging,” Dr. Wu said. “It works better for many patients, and there’s also a lower risk of skin ulcerations.”

Dr. Wu injects one of Linda’s spider veins. A small pinch and then the solution goes into the vein. In just a matter of seconds, the veins go from red and purple in color, and then they disappear.

Spider veins are very common. They are often hereditary, and more likely to happen in people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

For years, doctors have used saline solution to get rid of spider veins — but that hurts.

Asclera doesn’t hurt, and for people who have to go for multiple treatments, it’s a real benefit.

With Asclera, you will need one to four 20-minute treatments on average. Each session costs between $300 and $500. And you may have initial redness, bumps and bruising.

“Many women don’t realize that there’s a treatment that’s relatively painless and relatively simple, and safe to do,” said Dr. Wu.

For Linda, it will take several treatments. But she’s excited, and ready to uncover what she’s covered up for so long.

“It’s been years. I’m sure I’ll be in shock,” said Linda.

Dr. Wu says Asclera is best for veins in the legs. If you have red veins in your face, a laser may work better for you.

She also says talk to your doctor about which treatment is best for you, since not all spider veins are treated the same.

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