CHICAGO (CBS) — There are signs of a break in Mayor Daley’s promise to stay out of the mayoral race.

Although he says he will not support a candidate, one of his best friends is supporting Rahm Emanuel, raising money for Rahm at a private party next week at a thousand dollars a head.

He is Terry Newman — a man well known as THE guy to get to if you want to get to Daley. Newman has the clout to raise a fortune, but would not be raising it for Rahm if Daley didn’t tell him to … or say it’s OK.

Good news for Rahm Emanuel.

Some bad news for Rahm is his judgment. When his residency becomes an issue, and his opponents and reporters are asking about it, Rahmbo flies off to California for a Bulls game, courtside in a $3,000 seat, hobnobbing with Los Angeles big shots. It was all over the news on TV in Chicago, where the other candidates for mayor are hobnobbing with neighbors.

Same for Rahmbo recently in Hollywood, collecting big money from the big shots while the other candidates for mayor are collecting pennies from the neighbors. And these pictures, too, are all over Chicago TV.

Not a good idea, Rahm: looking more like a Hollywood movie star than the Chicago guy you say you are. You’re supposed to be smarter than that.

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