CHICAGO (CBS) – Police are warning seniors to watch out for a telephone scam in which the perpetrators may steal their financial information.

A woman has been calling people living in senior citizens’ buildings in Chicago, and telling them their financial accounts have been compromised, police said. The woman then gives the victims specific instructions to get funds from their accounts.

The woman tells the victims further that the money withdrawn from their accounts might be fake, and a man will be sent to their homes to take the money and verify its authenticity.

The woman also tells the victim secrecy is necessary to apprehend the offenders who have compromised their accounts, police said.

The calls can come in any time of day.

Police advise seniors not to give out personal information over the phone, and point out that a credit card company will never ask for the holder’s Social Security numbers.

Also, police advise you not to give out credit card or account numbers or information to anyone, and to hang up the phone and call police if you are uncertain who the caller is.

Anyone with information on similar crimes should call the Chicago Police Belmont Area Robbery/Burglary/Theft Crimes Unit, at (312) 744-8263.

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