Dunn Was Destined For The American League

The White Sox have made the biggest splash so far this off-season by signing slugger Adam Dunn. While Dunn is no where near a gold glove fielder, his offensive talent is what will improve the White Sox.

“Well certainly the Sox have been looking for that left-handed run producer, left-handed impact hitter and with a spot occasionally as a designated hitter,” Steve Stone said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think the American League was destined for Adam Dunn at one point.

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“I’m kind of surprised it took quite as long as it did for him to get over to the American League, but he’s a guy who can carry your team for quite some time with a bat.”

It’s not as if Dunn is being compared to Ted Williams. But, Dunn is known as being one of the most predictable and consistent hitters in all of baseball.

“Now, obviously whenever you pick up Dunn you know he’s going to strike out a lot. But you also know his on base percentage is going to be close to .400. He’s going to draw a lot of walks and he’s going to hit the ball out of the ballpark. Especially at U.S. Cellular Field, he becomes an even bigger weapon. He could always hit the ball out of the park in any direction. Now he probably only needs to get half of it to get it out in any direction.”

Now if the White Sox can convince Paul Konerko to return for next season, they could have a much more powerful offense.

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