Taylor Isn't What Bears Expected

Early in the season there was a lack of production from the Bears’ rushing attack. This was attributed to several factors: play calling, offensive line and the running backs. As the coaching staff made a commitment to a more balanced offensive attack we’ve seen the running game, and Matt Forte, greatly improve.

“I think [Forte’s patience and explosiveness] is the key,” Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “It’s the explosiveness at the point of attack. He’s making decisions and going. You hear all the cliches, ‘stick a foot in the ground.’ But when he sees that crease, he’s busting through it. He just looks like a different back than he did in the first five or six weeks.”

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We’ve seen Forte break some big runs, much like he did his rookie season, over the last few weeks. While a consistent four or five yards per carry is good, it’s those big gains that have been so valuable for the Bears.

While Forte is beginning to run like many expected him to coming into the season, Chester Taylor still can’t seem it get it going on a consistent basis.

“At this point, it’s fair to say [Chester Taylor] is not the player we thought they were getting when they signed him,” Arkush said. “And that can be for whatever reason. Most likely just that in running backs in their seventh, eight or ninth year, that happens.”

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