CHICAGO (WBBM) – Mead was the world’s first fermented beverage.

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Mead is made from fermented honey.

“We really specialize in mead. We found that the honey from Chicago is just phenomenal.”

Greg Fischer is the owner of Wild Blossom Meadery in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood.

“We are the only meadery in Illinois right now and one of the only meaderies in the Midwest.”

Most of the bees are along the lakefront and along the Indiana Dunes.

“And we get a really nice, light floral flavorful honey which makes wonderful meads. As I always say, it’s like drinking a cup of flowers…

“The Vikings would drink it as an energy drink before they would go out for their conquests. They would drink mead because the honey will go right to your bloodstream and give you some energy and the alcohol will give you a little courage and you’re all ready to go.”

Fischer started the meadery almost ten years ago, now producing eight varieties and about 3,000 gallons a year from the shop near 100th and Western.

“This has a really nice aroma to it. It’s from hibiscus flowers and honey. This is a great mead. It’s really nice and balanced and it really is a great wine with Mexican food.”

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