Only Four Negative Plays By Cutler Over Last Two Weeks

Since the bye week the Bears have been showing a much more balanced offensive attack. Not only has the change in offensive philosophy brought wins for the Bears, but it has Jay Cutler playing at a high level.

“I thought he was awesome [on Sunday],” former Bears’ quarterback Jim Miller said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think over the last two weeks, when you go through the plays, there’s been four negative plays, total, that I would credit against Jay. He’s been great after the bye week, he really has. [He’s] playing at a high level right now, [and that] needs to continue. His awareness of what’s going on, on the field, has been very special, in my opinion.”

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Before the bye week it seemed like Cutler just dropped back and tried to find an open receiver before the pass rush inevitably got to him. Now we are seeing him dictate what the offense wants to do, and also using quick passes to take advantage of defenses.

His decision making has also vastly improved over the previous weeks.

“[He’s better in terms of knowing] when to tuck it and when to run it, [and] understanding what he’s seeing defensively. And [on Sunday] he took advantage of the no-look passes. [There was] great awareness in certain situations by Jay. That’s big, it’s a trend that’s very encouraging for the Bears and hopefully they can continue to keep on playing well. Because I actually think Green Bay is going to have a tough time next week going into Detroit.”

While the Packers may have a tougher game than many think, the Bears are sure to have a tough game when Tom Brady and the Patriots come to Chicago.

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