Over the Bears’ current five-game winning streak, both the offense and the defense have been playing well. However, there has been one aspect of the defense that’s been uncharacteristic, and that’s a lack of takeaways. After forcing four turnover against the Minnesota Vikings, the Bears have just managed two takeaways over their last three games.

“It’s always on our minds,” Brian Urlacher said. “Hopefully we’ll get them [on Sunday], we may not. But the tipped balls, the overthrows, we have to get them. If the ball is on the ground we have to get it. However we have to get them, we have to do it some how. They’re huge. Plus one, plus two, turnover ratio is a big deal in the NFL.”

Turnovers could go a long way towards helping the Bears beat the Patriots. The Patriots have one of the best offenses in the league, and the more the defense can limit their production, the better chances the Bears will have.

“They have good receivers,” Urlacher said. “People say they have no-names. They have Deion Branch, Super Bowl MVP; Wes Welker, led the NFL in receptions the last four years; [Danny] Woodhead is a good running back. I mean they have good offensive players. They have a good offensive line and a Hall of Fame quarterback, so I think they’re pretty solid at every position.”

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