CHICAGO (WBBM) – Humboldt Park minister Wilfredo De Jesus wants to try to raise his visibility in the race for mayor by calling for term limits and calling on his opponents to endorse the idea, as well.

“The one thing I keep hearing is that the city of Chicago needs a mayor who will work for all the people and who won’t become a mayor for life,” DeJesus said in a prepared statement announcing his stand.

De Jesus said he figures that if two terms are the limit for the president of the United States, it should be the limit for the mayor of Chicago as well.

He said the spirit behind the policy is to avoid any monopoly of the office, heavy-handed rule and a deterioration of democracy.

“What the city of Chicago doesn’t need is another four- and five-term mayor whose power leaves people alienated, empower power brokers and creates an environment of corruption and patronage,” he said.

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