Bears Will Stick To Cover Two Defense

The Bears have had success this season with their cover two defensive scheme. The Bears didn’t change for Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, and they probably won’t change for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

“Have they worked in some cover three this season? Absolutely,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Some cover one? Yeah, they’re doing different things. But they still don’t stray far from what their base is. And quite frankly, that’s probably what’s made them as successful as they have been when they’ve been successful.”

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Before the season there has was plenty of criticism of the players, coaches and the schemes. As the wins have added up, the criticisms have faded.

“I don’t think that cover two bashers can really get too much traction or momentum this season, when you look at what this defense has done. When you add Julius Peppers to the scheme that was bad in 2007, bad in 2008 and worse in 2009, you’re going to see a big difference. And that’s what they’re seeing.”

The improvement can’t all be attributed to Peppers’ arrival. Brian Urlacher is completely healthy for the first time in a few seasons and players like Israel Idonije and Matt Toeaina are playing at a high level. There have also been some changes implemented by the coaching staff.

“I think they’ve made some minor adjustments to what they’re doing. But they haven’t got away from their bread and butter,” Biggs said. “And they’re never going to.”

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