White Sox ‘All In’ With Signings And Billboard

The White Sox played all their chips and were able to make a huge splash in free agency. ‘We’re All In.’ That appears to be the new slogan for the team, and can be seen on the new billboard featuring Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn, that’s already up.

Featured on the billboard are (left to right): Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski, Alex Rios, Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn and Alexei Ramirez.

  • Dre Herron

    I’m in too

  • Jon, Montgomery

    this billboard is beautiful. and the best part is that I don’t see Carlos (bum) Quentin on it! i feel good about the 2011 white sox.

  • dave

    I promise to attend a whitesox game this year

    It’s been 3 years. I’m long overdue

  • John

    Sweet!! Can’t for next season! Go Sox!!

  • james S.

    Rips off the Chicago Fire campaign. 90 All In.

    • SouthSideFletch

      Lol yeah it’s just soccer which is irrelevant here in the US..

    • Jon, Montgomery

      nobody really gives a S.H.I.T about soccer.

      • Tony

        There are plenty of us who care about soccer, and just because it has a smaller following doesn’t justify completely ripping off slogans or anything else.


    Sox blow

    • Jon, Montgomery

      wow, good job! who taught you to trash talk? your mommy? well at least the twins suck D.I.C.K better than her!

    • sox2727

      12 straight playoff losses…youre probably a PATHETIC cub fan who doesn’t know a damn thing about baseball

  • citizenkane2

    Who cares. The White Sox are Chicago’s red headed step child. This a Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Hawks city. When you think of baseball in Chicago it’s the Cubs.

    • Jon, Montgomery

      yeah, people think of the cubs first, but the white sox are the better franchise, people just choose to be stupid and worship the lovable losers. real fans support the southside.

    • sox2727

      if you think of LOSERS!


    I would expect nothing less than that from Sox fans JM. 100% class all the way!

    • Jon, Montgomery

      thanks buddy! ;)

  • Jason Kokos

    Twins fans really should keep their mouth shut, they’ve lost how many straight playoff games now? yeah thats what I thought…..oh and to the dumb a.s.s. cubs fan, enjoy your lovable losers. your owner, GM, payroll, fan base, stadium, and team are all a complete joke.

    • Jon, Montgomery

      HIGH-5! right on buddy, 100% agree.

  • justin

    Jon, Montgomery has my vote.


    Yeah, nice run last year bozos….ohhh, that’s right, who was home WATCHING the playoffs?? You have no bullpen, so have fun looking up at us again next season you losers!

    • Jon, Montgomery

      oh.. and you were watching right along with us a week later! yeah, but at least you got those weirdos in minnesota to come out for 2 extra games. that’s what’s really important. NO, if you don’t win the world series, then any playoff appearence is a wash, so you guys are no better than us.

      white sox will win the division in 2011. bank it

  • Maltese Falcon

    Citzen Cane- When people think Cubs they think losers, fairies, etc. Sorry, but we consider ourselves winners. Go have a Zima with your boyfriend and we will talk to you later.


    What are you smoking Jon?? We had two All Star caliber players (Morneau and Nathan) out with injury and still kicked you all over the yard! What makes you think you will win this year with both of them returning??? You make me laugh!!

    • Jon, Montgomery

      ah, but you have no guarantee that both players will resume to all-star levels

  • justin

    Go Twins! you play in a dome. I rest my case.


    Ummm…last I checked we don’t any more – sorry Justin – we have brand new OUTDOOR stadium called Target Field – maybe you should stay out of this one Mr. Clueless.

  • steph

    GO TWINS..must have been the great managing by Gardenhire that helped the injury-riddled twins to the playoffs, right? The great gardenhire and his 6-21 playoff record. Please leave the division title to a team that can actually make a little noise in the playoffs. Hell, even Detroit shows more balls in the playoffs than the twins.

  • Jason Kokos

    right steph, i wouldnt wanna be bragging about my team being swept right out of the playoffs.


    also, heres a little food for thought. in the last five years the white sox are 12-4 in the playoffs……what are the Twins you might ask???? an astounding 0-9 (obviously 3 division series sweeps). In closing, when it comes to the playoffs you might as well just give up anyways, let another AL central team play your games, even in 9 games KANSAS DAMN CITY would’ve probably pulled out at least one win!!!! GAWD!, JUST PATHETIC!!!! SUCK ON IT TWINS FAN

  • g-mang!

    lot of strikeouts on that billboard!

    • Metrics Freak

      strikeouts aren’t worse than any other form of an out, it’s been proven.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        100% correct metrics freak. everybody needs to stop worrying about strikeouts so much, they’re not a big deal.

  • roscrea

    Go White Sox!
    Go Cardinals!
    Long Live Steve Bartman!

  • roscrea

    Minnesota sucks at everything. 0-4 in Super Bowls. An abandoned city for the NHL. No NBA titles and they never will win any. U of M sucks at everything. And the Twins get swept by the Yanks all the time. I enjoy watching the Twins in the playoffs almost as much as the Cubs. Its great comedy!

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  • TheGuy

    Go White Sox!

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