Brady Can Beat The Tampa Two

The Bears are who they are. They trust their schemes and rely on their players to make plays. And when that combination works, the wins pile up. And that’s been the case so far this season.

The Bears didn’t change their defense for Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, but they might have to change things up for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

LISTEN: Hub Arkush On The Danny Mac Show

“They’ll have to be a little more creative,” Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “They cannot just stay in the Tampa Two. We get a lot of debate, the coaches fire back and sometimes they get upset when people call them a Tampa Two team. They point out they’re not in it 100% of the time, which is true. It’s their base package, but they’re in that base package about 30-40% of the time.”

Lovie Smith has been borderline stubborn when it comes to changing up his defense. But it might be time to stray from what has worked in the past, to ensure that the Bears will be playing in meaningful games in the future.

“They cannot afford to be in [the Tampa Two], 30-40% of the game against Brady,” Arkush said. “Because that’s 30-40% of the game that he will own. It’s a bad defense for what he and Bill Belichick want to do. [The Bears] are going to have to get out of character a little bit. They’re going to have to blitz a little bit more. They’re going to have to play a little more man-to-man coverage.”

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