Housing Demonstrators Push Kirk To Revive Rent Program

CHICAGO (WBBM) — A handful of demonstrators caroled U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s office but so far have no promise of help extending rent subsidies for some 1,000 Chicago families.

And members of the Chicago Housing Initiative are warning some families may end up homeless if landlords of the nine buildings start raising rents to market rates.

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The Below Market Rate Program provided landlords with low cost building loans in return for promises to hold rents steady for forty years. The program will expire without Senate approval.

The house has approved $25 million to continue the program but there’s been no vote by the Senate which is focusing on the larger issues of Bush era tax cuts.

Kirk’s office has indicated it’s not objecting to the subsidy but will not be breaking ranks with the party until the tax cut and budget issues are settled.

  • steven

    That should clean up the area where they put the nice homes and get rid of the baby making rife rafe

  • john

    Another government program rewarding the least productive individuals in society… paid for by the most productive. Reward failure; punish success seems to be the watchword in our government. Such prograns need to die a quick death.

  • Gregory Alexander

    It is really strange the less productive of society seems to be the back bone of the US Army forces protecting their over productive Axx. The less productive of society should boycott the service and let the productive member of society protect the country and all of the assets.

    • john

      I am successful and have served my tour of duty… no nanny government could have done it for me. Socialism breeds weak and unproductive individuals.

  • Gregory Alexander

    John and Steven in this is county the we have the right of free speech. You stand up Americans should have been at the meet express that we, the Productive People of the country have a right to keep our assets to ourselves. You two upstanding citizen should have been there protecting our assets.

  • Burnham

    Kirk is NOT going to respond to these folks that need support and compassion. Kirk is a liar and a hypocrit and all he wanted was to fool so many folks that voted for him and now he does NOT need you all, until the next election. I blame you all and the other lazy folks that did NOT bother to vote in the November election forGiannoulis who would show compassion. Kirk is in with the other heartless party Republicans and in case you have forgot that is the party of NO. So folks who need Kirk, you will be in my prayers.

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