Bears Can Clinch Division Crown On Monday Night

The Bears know just how good the New England Patriots are, and the Green Bay Packers are about to fin that out for themselves.

Last Sunday was bad for one reason, the Bears played poorly and were beaten by the Patriots.

But, everything that happened before that couldn’t have gone better for the Bears. With the Packers’ loss to the Lions, the Bears all but locked up the division title.

“How ironic is it that [Sunday’s Bears] performance pretty much clinched the NFC North?” Hub Arkush said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “Because that’s the net effect of what happened.”

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Not only did the Packers lose to the Lions, who hadn’t won a division game since 2007, but they also lost their starting quarterback to a concussion.

“Aaron Rogers was concussed seven weeks ago and didn’t miss a game,” Arkush said. “I believe he’s the only quarterback concussed in the NFL this season, who didn’t miss at least one game. And now it happens again, seven weeks later. I don’t see how he could possibly play Sunday night [against the Patriots].”

Beating the Patriots with your full roster is difficult enough, but doing it without your starting quarterback and on the road is nearly impossible.

“And if [Rogers] does [play], I don’t think it matters, because the Patriots are the class of the NFL right now. Unless the Packers can pull off a miracle Sunday night, it’s going to be over. And that’s assuming that the Bears win. Even if the Bears lose and the Packers pull off a miracle, they’re still basically trailing the Bears by half a game. So I think the Bears are in awfully good shape.”

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