Meeks Outlines Plans For Schools

CHICAGO (WBBM) — State Sen. James Meeks unveiled his plan to overhaul Chicago Public Schools if he’s elected mayor next year, including a controversial voucher program for students at failing public schools.

WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports Meeks stood in front of the office he’d like to occupy on the fifth floor of City Hall to roll out his education plan.

Meeks said his voucher program would provide up to 50,000 low-income students with $4,500 per year to attend any school of their choice in Chicago.

The South Side pastor and state lawmaker has pushed for vouchers in the General Assembly before, only to have his proposals voted down.

Asked what would be different if he’s elected mayor, he said he believes more lawmakers would vote for school vouchers if the program is being pushed by the mayor of Chicago.

Meeks also called for doubling the time students spend on reading and math through the third grade.

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Where to find the time?

“It takes five minutes that we give kids now to pass between classes. Maybe we’ll reduce that to one minute,” Meeks said. “Maybe we’ll cut gym to 20 minutes. We’ll cut lunch by five minutes.”

Meeks also wants the Teachers Union to develop a system to weed out poor teachers, and he wants an additional 50,000 vouchers – worth $4,500 each – handed out to low-income parents.

He also wants the Chicago Public Schools to begin teaching character development.

  • teachergirl2

    He has my vote!!

  • Tired of this BS

    And who is going to pay for this? Meeks just lost my vote! I’m tired of paying high ‘TAXES’ in the city of Chicago…

  • Rodney

    This man is a bunch of bull. Once he gets in office it will be a hold different story and then out comes his church beliefs. He is using the schools to try and persuade parents to vote from him.

  • Meeks is all Lies

    Meeks is a fraud. He has not step down at his church. He is only pretending to step down and still is in charge of the day to day operations at his church. He does not want to relinquish his salary to the pastor he put in charge. Don’t believe me, go to his church. They are fighting over who should have the pastor salary. My friends go there and now they are saying it is a shame how he still makes the decision in the church but supposely has step down. He is trying to tell the new pastor what to do and the new pastor has ideas of his own. The church is divided because of Meeks. Is that who you want to be the mayor of chicago. If he has managed to divide his church just think what he will do to the city of chicago. People of Chicago don’t fall for his lies

  • K

    @Meeks is all Lies
    What are you talking about? It seems you’re all lies, there is no fighting going on at Salem and he has NOT named a new pastor so please stop with the story telling.

    • Meeks is all Lies

      @K so what do you think about your Rev Meeks stupid iidiotic remarks about women, hispanics and other minority groups. He just showed the idiot that he truely is . A super Moron

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  • ImBlackAndProudBut....


    This clown, is ABSOLUTELY clueless. I read this article and I’m left shaking my head because, this clown does not even see how much of a fool he’s making of himself and showing just how ignorant he really is. I am so glad this and his other articles are exposing him so that the people of Chicago can see clearly who NOT to vote for.

    This clown strategically held a news conference right outside the mayor’s office so he could be “seen as though he’s the future mayor”. Yeah, right. The closest chance you have of being on the other side of the door is if the current mayor asks you to – come in. No wonder you got Halprin to run and used the same homeless man (who now has disappeared) to try and get rid of Rahm, because you have no chance.

    So he holds a conference on his “education plan” which by the way is no plan at all. So his fix to the educational system is to PUT $450 million (50,000 vouchers x 4,500 school of choice x 4,500 to parents) in the hands of parents (who by the way, also contributes to the delinquency of their child’s education). ARE YOU SERIOUS! Meeks’ I bet you gave this plan the same thought, attention and focus you gave to your statement you made just on Wednesday about White women, Latinos, and Asians not being amongst the “minority” population.

    And to round this foolishness up, he really believes that the only reason this educational plan failed is because it wasn’t pushed by the mayor. WOW!

    This clown sleeps dreaming only of the title of mayor, the prestige the title brings, and the power. He’s not dreaming of the duties entailed that’s too hard its easier to be disillusioned.

    I could go on, I really could.

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