Walter: Miley Could Use Better Guardians

A point of personal privilege about Miley Cyrus from the father of three young women thankfully beyond being influenced by the teenage-tart who used to be Hanna Montana. 

It’s hard for me to watch Miley Cyrus tripping on drugs or writhing in her underwear with an older man, as she did in her last fun video on the Web. Do as Miley does, dear children, and you, too, can become Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

Is there not anyone, anywhere — her mother, father, agent, producers of her music and movies — helping Miley understand how needlessly she is spoiling her life, and maybe the lives of children who do as she does?

Why are there no adults stopping Miley Cyrus? Could it be their joy in slurping up the $45 million she’s made this year? What a shame it all is. A crime is what it ought to be.

Put the adults in her life in prison before it’s too late for their Miley, our Miley.

  • D. curtis

    your out of touch!!! She is an adult. Why would you put another adult in prison for not watching out for another adult. dumb commentary Walter. Give it up.

  • nastypup

    i gotta agree with D. curtis’ comment . miley is nearing the age of adulthood . the irony in this article is that it seems walter is the one who still thinks of miley as “hannah” . shes not a 12 yr old disney girl anymore ….

  • Bobby

    Walter Jacobsen was arrested for drunk driving in 2003 and claimed he had nothing more than a glass of wine to drink that night. I happened to be at a party he attended earlier that evening and personally saw him have multiple drinks. I think you should judge yourself before you judge others, Walter.

  • nastypup

    ^ lol are you serious ? thats hilarious , bwahahahahaha . i never knew walter was arrested on a dui

  • Bobby

    Wow, i just googled him. Looks like he got one in 2008 as well.

  • chicagomom

    Last I checked, children should listen to adults and Miley is a chi8ld. Walter has it right on the money. Its a shame that the money is more important then Miley starting on a slippery slope. Thanks for pointing out the obvious Walter. Being a parent of a 21year old Miley my job is extremely difficult and a uphill battle when young men look up to rapper thugs.

    • Randall Marztin

      are you really calling rappers thugs? what rappers do is no worse than what miley has done.

  • Lucas Michaels

    miley cyrus is nothing more than another hollywood mess-up.

    i told my sister, (who loves everything on disney channel for her children, 2 younger aged girls), from the moment miley started having a show and being a self-made pop-star, (thanks to her famous dad), that this would end in disaster, but of course my sister, (along with most moms in the U.S.), fell for another trap. a young, talented (not talented in my opinion), teenage girl who wanted nothing more than money…

    and look what it’s turned out to be! miley originally appeared to be a seemingly harmless, young teenage girl pop sensation, but ALL pop-stars grow up! and she’s turned out to be what i thought and what some people feared when they first started letting their young kids plug into miley, another washed-up hollywood starlet.

    LISTEN! i’m not saying i expect miley to be perfect, she has a right to do whatever she wants! what i’m saying is that it’s the responsibility of the parents that let their young children be exposed to miley to be able to handle situations when miley does pole dancing or any of the other countless incidents she has had, you shouldn’t have let your children be exposed to this moms and dads! did you really expect miley to be perfect? well it’s not ‘innocent pop-star’ now. if parents don’t want their kids exposed to the real world, keep them away from people like miley. do you know how many millions miley has made? it’s all from parents who made a bad choice by buying into miley cyrus.

    miley cyrus (hannah montana) has nothing to be ashamed for, it’s you parents, don’t criticize miley for her actions now that she is an adult, criticize yourselves for buying into a pop-star who smart people (like me) knew would be another hollywood mess-up. you let your kids idolize these kinds of people, you deserve what you get, i feel sorry for the children of the parents who bought into miley cyrus.

    i never thought i’d defend miley, but she has a right to have her own life, and she is allowed to make her own choices.

    so to all of you parents who let your children idolize miley, you deserve what you get now that miley is an adult and having her own life. the next time your kid asks why miley is making bad choices, i hope they also ask you why your such a bad parent.

  • Keith C

    She may be an adult – an adult who is not removed from her role as a child superstar – a superstar who has a VAST throng of followers. Do you have any daughters? If you did then you’d truly understand why W.J. made the editorial statement he did. Is smokin a bong sound adult behavior – let alone behavior of a person who knows he as millions of adoring fans. Her same freedon that you proclaim she has – she lost when she decided to become Hannah Montana. Once she went down that path – knowing her behaviors are idolized and copied – she lost that “right” as most other prominent celebrities do……….Buddy ur so way off track – hope u dont have children……

    • Lucas Michaels

      no, I don’t have children, but I hope you don’t either! you’ve got to be kidding that Miley should have to be put under a microscope just because she chose the path to become a kids sensation, Hannah Montana was for her to make easy money, and now that she’s done with that show, she’s allowed to have her own life, if you have a problem with her smoking a bong or some of the other things she’s done, then that’s sad, you need to worry about yourself, stop judging Miley! are you worried for your children seeing what Miley does? I am too! but it’s your fault as a parent if you let your children idolize people from hollywood, and if you did, you deserve what you get! you shouldn’t let your kids idolize Hollywood stars.

      don’t blame Miley, parents, if you have a problem with the incidents Miley has had, it’s your responsibility to explain to your children when things go wrong.

      if you blame Miley for your children wanting to do pole dances, that’s your fault as a parent.

  • Parent

    Children need better role models than the ones in Hollywood or the music industry. Most of the teenagers that get all the press and attention turn into losers. Children need adult role models, someone that can teach them to be responsible and to make good decisions. Not some inexperienced teenager.

  • viewer

    I couldn’t care less about Hannah Montanna, but what I find vastly more interesting are the comments regarding Walter’s history. What it the world has that to do with his current perspective? You people might as well copy those comments and post them after each of his commentaries.
    Please stop;you’re boring.

  • GORO


  • Street Cop.

    I bet Daddy Billie Ray had fun with her,just to close to her.

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